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Young successful fashion designers measuring a mannequin in their fashion boutique
A creative team of successful fashion designers discussing the latest trends in the fashion industry
Indian male fashion designer working in his fashion studio - creative profession
Young female entrepreneur happily dealing with a customer at her fashion boutique
Group of an Indian women knitting winter clothes - Self Help Group
Smiling Indian businessman dealing with his customers at his self owned boutique
Indian fashion designer taking pictures of a dressed-up mannequin with her smartphone
Successful entrepreneur happily working on her upcoming designer dress - Fashion studio
Attractive Indian fashion designer working in her self owned fashion studio
Attractive female entrepreneur happily doing her work at her fashion atelier
Indian male fashion entrepreneur happily smiling at the camera with folded arms - fashion studio
Indian businesswoman dealing with her customer at her fashion retail store
Young fashion entrepreneur confidently working at her self owned boutique
Indian fashion entrepreneur showing different designer dresses to a client at her fashion retail store
Indian fashion designer busy on a business call in her self owned fashion studio
Young successful fashion entrepreneur giving cheerful expressions after receiving a big order from a client
Young female retail entrepreneur showing the new dress collection to her customers
Indian female designer working in her fashion boutique and talking on the phone
Attractive fashion designer in casual wear talking to a client on phone - Use of technology in business
Indian fashion designer taking orders from her customers over a phone call
Young fashion designer happily taking customer orders over a phone call - Designer studio
Young productive businessman and woman discussing a work plan - Conference room meeting
A girl sipping coffee / tea while working on her laptop in her office
Young Indian entrepreneur very happy and rejoices sitting in front of desktop
Indian businesswomen thinking and squeezing anti-stress ball to relieve anxiety
Indian working woman typing on a keyboard while stress relief ball kept on the side
Stressed female office worker sitting at work table squeezing anti-tress ball
Stressed female office worker sitting at work table squeezing anti-tress ball