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Two school-going children posing cheerfully for the camera - child education
Rural women in traditional saree studying at the night - Women education and empowerment
Indian village daughter happy with money saved in a piggybank for education
Young village housewife supporting Shiksha for all - education concept
Villager helping his little daughter in her studies - girl child education
A mother and daughter from an Indian village - girl's education
Closeup shot - Woman's hand adding money in a jar with "Education loan" label
A woman's hand keeping a jar full of money donated for the education of needy
Closeup shot of a teacher's desk with learning materials and the word education
Hands of an Indian woman keeping a letter and forming the word education
Closeup of woman hands saving money in a container with "Education Loan" label
Woman hands placing a jar with "Education Loan" label on a wooden platform
Young female filling a container with coin money to save for future education
Woman hands dropping 10 rupee coins in a container with education label - grey background
Beautiful young village lady supporting 'shiksha' to raise literacy rate - education concept
Mother scolding daughter while helping her in studies - education concept
A smart young father with his little daughter - reading a book, new skill, social development
A married rural Indian woman learning to write - Shiksha, Girl Education, Literacy in Rural India
A small adorable child with curly black hair studying at home on a desk
Beautiful sister helping her little brother in completing his homework at home. Sibling bonding
An attractive female relaxing at home in her bedroom during a long weekend
Indian village lady sitting on a mat and studying during the night - adult education
A little boy asking for help from his elder sister in studies - child education - Indian village
A lovely Indian woman reading an interesting book indoors - stay home concept
Smart mother helping her teenage child in studies while sitting in the study room
Middle-aged Indian farmer helping his wife to study - adult education
Village student in a school uniform completing homework in a dark village home
Indian female making notes of her online education wearing a medical mask