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Popular fruits Indian blackberries kept on a plate rotating on a turntable. Indian summer fruit
Few drops of water / rainwater falling on a beautiful yellow chamomile flower
A few drops of water / dewdrops falling on a pink Gladiola flower in the garden
Aerated beverage / soda tonic water pouring / poured in a clear glass
Clear mineral water inside a transparent glass with bubbles rotating
Pure water in a transparent glass making bubbles - a thirst quencher
More water is added / pouring to an already filled glass of water - hygienic drink
Slow motion shot of a tomato falling into a glass water tank
Slow motion shot of a tomatoes falling on water with a splash
Slow motion shot of tomatoes falling on water on the ground and creating a water splash
Slow motion shot of a tomato falling on the floor with water / water spalsh
A close up shot of yellow capsicum rotating in anti clockwise direction
Slow motion shot of fresh tomatoes thrown into water
A smart young man in casual clothes watering the plants in a beautiful garden
Water droplets / raindrops falling from a bunch of red roses outdoors - dew drops
Small water droplets falling / dropping from a beautiful Dahlia flower - raining, dew drops
Droplets falling in a transparent glass of refreshing mango milkshake / juice - Summer drink India
Some fresh raw green and red chilies (hari and lal mirch) with a stream of water - Indian spice
Closeup shot of water droplets falling into a shell of a coconut - loopable fruit
Extreme closeup of a bunch of black grapes being sprinkled with fresh water
Cute Indian little boy playing with the water droplets in his home balcony during rains
Slow motion shot of water droplets falling on the yellow bell peppers