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A female keeping a bundle of Indian banknotes on a blank home loan application - Indian currency, bank loan application, saving for home
A government officer explaining loan formalities to a female farmer - agricultural loans, new policies
A young businesswoman / freelancer is working from home - remote job, hybrid work, home-based work, North East Indian girl
A male accountant counting Indian currency and doing calculations using a calculator - accounting
Indian husband-wife planning their finances, Money management, Indian currency, a small nuclear family
A happy middle-aged Bengali man talking on his smartphone - leisure time, client call, laptop
A Bengali couple in discussion - paperwork, insurance papers, financial statement, property papers, release forms
A female government officer checking an electoral list during the time of elections - voting rights, ballot box, Indian assembly elections, voting booth
A middle-aged election officer checking the documents of the voters - identity proof, requirements, documentation
Modern Indian couple calculating their monthly expenses - budget and finances
Working young couple at home - financial goals, managing house hold expenses, financial trouble, credit card bill
A smiling female employee talking to a client on a video call on her laptop
A female office executive wearing a T-shirt reading a book during her break time
Indian insurance agent helping his client while filling the insurance form
Middle-aged man with grey hair and mustache doing monthly accounting work
A frustrated man going through papers and forms and throwing them on a table
Young Indian couple working together and discussing their project plan
Indian couple discussing their credit card statement while sitting together in the living room
Young businessman working with paper documents and laptop at the home office
Woman hands using a black smartphone with a green screen during office time
Woman hands browsing on her mobile phone with a green screen during lunchtime
Closeup shot of an Indian girl using her touchscreen mobile phone - leisure time
Woman hands using a green screen smartphone during office hours in India
Pan shot of an Indian girl watching a video/movie on her green screen mobile
Woman hands using her smartphone with a green screen during office time in India
Overhead shot of an Indian female using her green mock-up screen smartphone
Closeup shot of woman hands using her green mock-up screen smartphone at office
Indian business sales team discussing strategy about their business goals - Sales meet in the conference room