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A middle-aged female physiotherapist / Indian nurse treating her young patient - orthopedic doctor, physical injury, accidental patient
A young lady doctor consulting a sick young boy on the hospital bed - X-ray, MRI, medical report, CT-scan
Indian female doctor/physiotherapist with a young patient - medical practitioner - medicare services, medical care
Female Indian doctor with terminally ill patient in the hospital - young patient, using a stethoscope, medical care, young boy on oxygen
A female keeping a bundle of Indian banknotes with different medicines - medical expenses, medical care cost
A rural housewife in a traditional Saree giving a glass of water to her sick husband - cold and cough, fever, lung infection
A concerned father consulting a doctor online - video consultation, online medical consultation, medical care, Indian village
A worried husband of an Indian village consulting a doctor online - medical attention, doctor's appointment
A caring village husband putting a cold compress on his sick wife's forehead -medical attention, doctor's advice
A lady doctor examining a female patient in an Indian village - Anganwadi worker, nurse, home checkup,
A middle-aged lady doctor doing a checkup of a teenage girl - medical attention, Anganwadi worker, healthcare in an Indian village
A lady doctor with female village patients - free healthcare in India, rural healthcare, medical facilities
A middle-aged village woman with a primary care physician in the village - rural healthcare system
A healthcare worker giving medicines to a teenage girl - medical facilities, rural healthcare system
Closeup shot of stethoscope kept on the table - Doctor using a stethoscope
A bundle of Indian currency notes kept with medicines - expensive medical treatment
A middle-aged Indian lady doctor is using a stethoscope to check the patient - a hospital checkup, a female patient
Middle-class Indian man with a beard sitting with a female patient in the hospital - doctor consultation, sick wife, medical care
A lady doctor checking body temperature of a female patient with a thermometer - viral infection, seasonal flu, heady injury, injured patient
Woman in pain getting a bandage dressing on the head - injured patient, physical injury, treatment of wound
A middle-aged lady doctor talking to a village couple with a newborn baby - new parents, childbirth, new parents with baby
A senior female doctor using an electronic blood pressure meter for hospital patient - routine checkup, BP machine, healthcare and medicine
A middle-aged Indian lady doctor consulting - CT scan of head and brain, radiology, medical examination
Medical checkup with stethoscope - Female physician checking heart rate of a young female patient - medical attention
Indian female in a hospital room - Hospital patient in the hospital bed for medical treatment - medical and healthcare
A middle-aged lady doctor is listening to a little girl's heartbeat with a stethoscope - shortness of breath, medical issue
A young Indian lady doctor checking the fever and pulse of a sick girl child - a hospital room, patient, caring doctor
A young sick girl is lying in a hospital bed with a soft toy - teddy bear, drowsy state, unhealthy, illness, hospital room