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Happy Indian housewife braiding child's hair - mother-daughter bonding
Village lady applying Mehendi on child's hand - mother-daughter bonding
Young mother learning to run a laptop from her daughter - modern villager
Medium shot - Indian village woman making her little daughter sleep on her lap
Loving and caring village parents feeding their daughter while sitting on a charpai
Indian farmer happily going to drop his little daughter to school on a bicycle
Indian village parents going to drop their little daughter to school on a bicycle
Backview of an Indian father going to drop his daughter to school on a bicycle
Village mother teaching her little daughter cooking on a traditional mud oven / Chula
Young housewife from a village watching television with her daughter at home
Indian father-daughter happily enjoying their free time together and watching tv
Indian daughter spins around holding her dad's finger and enjoys free time
Close-up shot of a little daughter showing love and care towards her father
An Indian father in the living room is upset with his daughter for not eating food
Indian father teaching his little daughter on the laptop - modern teaching concept
Adorable child hugging her upset father to make him happy - father-daughter bonding
Father-daughter duo playing games on their smartphones during free time
Work from home on a laptop - Father taking care of her daughter during office hours
A mother and daughter from an Indian village - girl's education
Medium shot of a mother with her daughter spending time with her while chatting
A father-daughter enjoying together in the living room while they are in their home
A caring father combing his daughter's hair while she plays with her toy
A mother-daughter duo enjoying each other's company playfully at their home
A little daughter jumping on the bed happily while the parents watching her
Closeup of a beautiful Indian mother playing with her daughter on her birthday
Pretty Indian mom is annoyed by the mischievous behavior of her cute daughter
Happy Indian mother and daughter spending quality time together at home
Beautiful young woman taking selfies with her cute daughter at home - winter season