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Middle-aged man teaching his daughter - school assignments, holiday homework, parenting
A Sikh Indian guy tying / braiding his young daughter's hair with a ribbon - father-daughter bonding, single father
A middle-aged Punjabi gentleman and his young daughter making a video call - Punjabi family, single father
A Sikh Indian father scolding his daughter looking at her exam papers - an angry father, an upset kid, punishment
A cute daughter playing guessing games with her father - Happy Indian father-daughter duo, childhood in a happy family
A sweet little girl sitting on her mother's lap - mother-daughter bonding, family care, parenting
A caring Indian mother offers a glass of juice to her daughter while she is studying - mother-daughter bonding, a refreshing drink
A South Indian mother-daughter in traditional wear making flower garlands - Mala, decorations, festival
A bearded young man and his adorable daughter playing chess - board game, fun activity, parenting, indoor game
An Indian Bengali mother scolding her daughter for mobile overuse - teenage issues, family conflicts, concerned parent
A Muslim Indian family - Mother and daughter offering prayers to the Almighty, ritual, faith belief
A Muslim mother wearing a hijab reading holy book with her daughter - learning and education, following culture
A pretty female and her little daughter playing on the seesaw - public park, mother-daughter bonding
A pretty Indian lady feeding Indian sweet / Laddu to her daughter - family bonding, a festive season, a tasty sweet, festival celebrations
A young man, his wife, and little daughter playing chess together - board game, Indian family in farmhouse
An Indian farmer happily dropping his little daughter to school on a bicycle - Girl-child education, Beti Bachao Beti Padhao
A father-daughter duo enjoys roaming together in their green farmland - Indian village, green farmland
An adorable schoolgirl from an Indian village with her father - father-daughter bonding
A pretty woman wearing a headscarf putting Mehendi / Henna on daughter's hand
Six months old baby girl with her father - father-daughter boding, modern father
A caring father patting his little daughter while helping her to sleep
Father and daughter bonding - Caring father taking care of her daughter
A village mother and her teenage daughter smiling while facing each other
Handsome male showing things to his little daughter on a laptop sitting outdoors
Father and daughter waving the Indian flag - Independence Day / Republic Day
Caring mother teaching her teenage daughter interesting recipe at home kitchen
Cheerful girl giving a hug to her sad mom to make her happy - mother-daughter bonding
Indian girl using a makeup brush on the cheekbones of her mother - Mother Daughter Bonding