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Crispy fried Poori placed on a plate full of vegetarian south Indian food items
South Indian vegetarian Thali, wedding jewelry, silk Saree, and coconut halves
A plate of Poori with different south Indian curries and sweets placed on a table
Different south Indian curries in bowls served with Poori on an auspicious day
Seasoning of south Indian Chutney with curry leaves and black mustard seeds
Female hands keeping a plate of fried Poori near South Indian Thali with Dosa
Female hands keeping a Medu Vada with a variety of food on a banana leaf
Assorted South Indian cuisine served on a traditional banana leaf - tasty food
Different varieties of tasty South Indian food being served on a banana leaf
Upset young man thinking about his life while sitting near a tree trunk in the park
Tutti frutti falling on a cream cake decorated with fresh pineapple and oranges
Woman's hand taking a spoonful of spongy cream cake - a delicious dessert
Indian father scolding his young daughter as she keeps her head down and cries - Depressed child and angry father
Young husband and wife fighting over money and expenses while sitting on a couch
A girl spreading mayonnaise over the top of brown bread in order to prepare vegetable sandwich
Young man dressed formally walking with a stroller and talking on his cell phone against the green screen
Camera focus on a slice of creamy sponge cake decorated with fresh fruits
Fresh chocolate syrup falling on soft cream-filled cookies - a delicious dessert
Dark chocolate chips falling on assorted food items with some fresh fruits
Assorted delicacies decorated together with some fresh fruits in the background
Female baker taking a spoonful of pastry from a plate - a delicious dessert
Full shot of a cute girl with headphones dancing against the green screen
Pan shot of decorating cupcakes with icing
Female chef decorating delicious soft cream-filled cookies with red strawberry
Lady's hand keeping soft cream-filled cookies with other assorted food items
Delicious chocolate sponge cake filled with creamy layers rotating on a turntable
Pouring of glazing liquid chocolate frosting on a slice of white cream cake
Pouring of hot chocolate syrup on a black forest pastry topped with cherries