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Close-up shot of a young Indian woman consulting with the cosmetologist - anti-aging treatment, self-care, facial care
Closeup shot of a cosmetologist consulting an Indian woman client at her clinic - anti-aging, skin care, skin scar, smooth skin
Closeup shot of a nurse injecting medicine from a syringe into a saline bottle - intravenous drip, iv drip bottle
A small kid / an adorable Indian child is reading a book while alone in the hospital - medical treatment, brave boy, hospital care
A sick child wearing a hospital gown resting in the hospital - recovering from an illness, medical tourism in India
A female keeping a bundle of Indian banknotes with different medicines - medical expenses, medical care cost
A bundle of Indian currency notes kept with medicines - expensive medical treatment
A bundle of Indian currency notes kept on the table with different medicines - expensive medical care, medical treatment
A sick young man having his medicines / tablet / pills with a glass of lukewarm water - healthcare and medical, winter season
A sick young man suffering from cough and cold - a sore throat, Coronavirus symptoms
A happy young Indian woman putting on a face pack mask / hydrating sheet at home - Face pack
A professional senior doctor wearing a blue mask - protection against Coronavirus
A senior doctor wearing a white overcoat giving medicine to her patient in a clinic
A female doctor with a stethoscope holding a yellow capsule in her hand
A medical practitioner wearing a pair of white protective gloves in the hospital
Sick Indian woman taking pills with a glass of water at home. Drinking water
A concerned wife in her nightwear speaking to the doctor using her smartphone
A young couple reading the doctor's prescription at home - an online consultation
Bottle gourd drink with a slice of lemon is being poured in transparent glass - Giya juice
A researcher picking up an injection syringe and a blue bottle with medicine
Physician's hand holding a syringe and a glass vaccine bottle in the hospital - COVID vaccination
A tired lady sitting on a sofa with pain in her knee - medical and treatment
A medical worker with a surgical mask filling a syringe with injection - COVID vaccination
Indian medical worker holding an injection dose and a vial - COVID-19 vaccine
Portrait of a confident Indian female health worker showing thumbs up hand gesture
Doctor holding a syringe with injection dose and Coronavirus vaccine vial
A female doctor wearing a personal protective suit (PPE Kit) preparing an injection for Covid vaccination
Doctor holding a syringe and preparing COVID vaccine dose for the Indian patient