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Upset couple ignoring each other sitting on a couch - relationships conflict
Indian teenager giving medicines to her mother suffering from cancer
Indian boyfriend-girlfriend cheerfully greeting their relatives on a video call
Attractive Indian couple happily talking to their friends over a video call/chat
Young boyfriend-girlfriend happily greeting their friends over a group video chat
Young Indian couple working together and discussing their project plan
Indian couple discussing their credit card statement while sitting together in the living room
Beautiful girl reading her study notes while sitting on a couch at home
Young housewife alone in her house clicking a selfie on her smartphone
Charming young woman smiling and posing for a selfie sitting on a couch
Father helping daughter in online shopping on mobile - Technology adoption by kids
A cheerful married couple enjoying their favorite program lying down on the bed
An attractive Indian couple fighting over the choice of television channels
Beautiful Indian female doing squats on a fitness mat - healthy lifestyle concept
A beautiful young girl happily talking to her friend on a phone call - leisure time
Young boyfriend girlfriend using protective medical masks while sitting at home
An adorable and young husband-wife happily spending quality time together at home
Young boyfriend girlfriend having coffee while enjoying pleasant conversation
Attractive Indian couple laughing together while watching TV in the living room
Indian couple happily talking while drinking tea/coffee together in the living room
Attractive young female talking on a video chat with her friends - technology concept
Adorable Indian couple doing housekeeping duties together during the lockdown
Pretty Indian girl interrupted by a phone call while meditating in the living room
Pretty Indian girl meditating in Sukhasana (easy pose) for a healthy lifestyle
Adorable young guy interrupted by a phone call while meditating in the living room
Young boyfriend girlfriend meditating in Sukhasana (easy pose) for a healthy lifestyle
Portrait of a pretty Indian girl getting ready at home - hairstyle/hairdo concept
Handsome Indian guy is depressed after looking at his exam result on his laptop