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Birthday Celebration - Beautiful mother lighting candles for her daughters birthday cake
Young Indian mother and her little son having fun with popcorn at a birthday party
Naughty little boy wearing colorful wig throwing popcorn at her mother
Pretty innocent daughter in beautiful red dress kissing and hugging her mother
Young Indian mother kissing and hugging her cute daughter - Birthday celebration at home. Decorated wall and balloons in the background
Sweet little Indian girl / kid is hugging and kissing her beautiful mother - Decoration at home
Indian mother gives a gift to her little daughter on her birthday - Birthday Party Fun. Decorated wall in the background
Pretty little girls blowing up balloons at the birthday party - Indian kids having fun at the party
Playful Indian kids having fun at their birthday party - Excited kids at a Birthday celebration at home
Cute little Indian girls playing with a pink balloon at a birthday party - Decorated wall for birthday party celebration
Two adorable Indian kids having fun with whistle party horns at a birthday party
Cute little girl feeds popcorn to her beautiful mother on her birthday - Happy Indian Family
Beautiful young mom hugging her sweet little daughter on her birthday - Happy Indian Family
Shot of a woman transferring pieces of raw mango into a transparent bowl
Shot of kalonji / fennel flower being added into the raw mango
Shot of ready mango pickles / achar kept on the table
Close-up shot of a barber cutting hair by scissors at the barbershop
Attractive young muscular body builder lifting dumbbells at the gym
Man working hard in the gym doing exercises / workout
Male bodybuilder working out at a gym for his chest muscles
A teenager doing chest exercise on a machine at a home gym to stay fit
A muscular and fit Indian man doing barbell curl (bicep) exercise in the gym
Pretty Indian fit girl / female doing dead lift exercise with barbell weights in the gym
A fitness freak young Indian girl doing biceps exercises with dumbell in the gym
Young Indian sportsman lifting a heavy barbell in gym - Fitness Regime
Close shot of a farmer planting paddy sapling in the rice field
Two farmers planting rice / paddy sapling in the mud during rainy season
A girl performing "Paschimottanasana" move in a park while exercising yoga