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Close-up shot of a hairdresser washing hair of an Indian man - hair salon services, scalp treatment, grooming session
An attractive Indian female is applying Kajal - skincare, eye makeup, eye closeup, fair skin, Asian, pink lipstick, beautiful eyes, model
A serious Indian writing on a piece of paper - education concept, nighttime study, college assignment
A small nuclear family - weekend fun, sketching, family bonding
Pretty Indian woman drawing an abstract in her leisure time - hobby activity, Indian girl, working professional, making portrait
A five-year-old boy / an Indian schoolkid is doing home work in the hospital - school assignment, sincere child
Closeup of a woman completing an art work, school work, college assignment, dress design
Young Indian girl working on her college assignment, college girl, night time study, writing on paper, education concept
Closeup shot of paintbrush and acrylic color - Painting Hindu God artifact - festival preparations, Diwali puja, Hindu rituals
A beautiful Indian girl in an ethnic dress painting a Hindu God idol - Indian culture and customs
A caring Indian mother helping her little daughter with her homework - school assignments, mother-daughter bonding
A caring Indian father helping his little daughter in completing her holiday homework - father-daughter bonding, leisure time
A pretty looking college student applying Kajal - skincare, makeup
An Indian girl playing with smoke bombs on Holi - Holi celebrations, danger, pollution hazard, chemical colors
An attractive man putting green Gulal on a beautiful woman's face on Holi festival - a Hindu festival, vibrant colors
A cheerful happy lady having a fun time using colorful smoke sticks for the Holi celebration - dangerous, pyrotechnics, explode
A beautiful girl in front of the mirror applying eyeliner with a cosmetic pencil - morning makeup
A clean-shaven young man in casual clothes helping his little son to draw a sketch
Cute Indian couple applying Gulal on each others face while celebrating Holi
Female artist painting the hands of a clay sculpture of Hindu Goddess
Woman artist putting glitter color on a clay statue of Hindu Goddess Saraswati
Indian female craftsperson putting glitter paint on the hands of a clay sculpture
A female artist beautifully finishing a small clay idol of Ma Saraswati for worship
Female hands painting clay sculpture of a Hindu Goddess for an Indian festival
Indian female artist's hands coloring the clay statue of a Hindu Goddess
Indian female artist giving finishing touches to a clay sculpture of Hindu Goddess
Hands of an Indian artist coloring the lips of clay sculpture of Goddess Durga
Closeup shot of different multi-colored pencils used in drawing and coloring