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Closeup shot of paintbrush and acrylic color - Painting Hindu God artifact - festival preparations, Diwali puja, Hindu rituals
A cheerful girl in a traditional white dress running with tri-color balloons on Republic Day
A young girl making the Indian National Flag with a paintbrush on her mother's face, tri color dress
A female wearing a white dress with tricolored bangles and tri-color dupatta greetings with a namaste gesture
Group of young Indian friends greet each other on the festival of color - Holi celebration, Exchange of gifts
A small cheerful boy putting powder color on his fathers face - organic Gulal, an Indian festival
Indian sister celebrating Holi by applying color on cheeks - Tradition, smiling faces, pink color
A beautiful young girl blowing organic gulal colors - vibrant color, Indian festival, holi celebration, holi party
Splashing colors on this young Indian boy - Happy faces, Holi color, Holi party, Throwing colors on the face, color splash, harmful colors
Beautiful young women having fun and splashing color on Holi - Dry color, throw Holi colors on the face, organic colors, gulal
A handsome guy putting vibrant Gulal on the cheeks of his two best friends - traditional Holi celebrations, an organic color, young friends
Cheerful Indian teenagers smeared in powder color and celebrating joyful Holi Festival - Gulal, Colorful
A patriotic lady saluting the Indian National flag as a mark of respect on Republic Day - Tri color dress
Splashes of color (Abeer / Gulal) scattered on a table during the Holi festival
A lighted earthen oil lamp on a heap of powder color - Diwali rangoli concept
Young Indian couple using digital tab to pick the color of walls - Home interiors after home relocation
Little Indian boy enthusiastically celebrating Independence Day / Republic Day - National Tri-color flag
Young Indian woman carefully painting walls in white color with a roller - House Relocation
Block Printing - Two Indian men applying color to the block and presses it on the cloth
Shot of an artist filling water color in the sketch of woman
A young smiling boy blows yellow organic gulal - color in the air, blowing colors, holi celebration, Indian festival
Handsome Indian guy having fun at the exciting color festival Holi - festive scene
Golden yellow crispy and crunchy cornflakes falling into the milk - healthy eating, rich in fiber
Crispy and crunchy cornflakes dropping into a white bowl - nutritious food
Cornflakes in a white ceramic bowl with fruits - banana slices, healthy eating, dieting, fat loss
Milk is poured from the top into a cornflakes bowl - morning breakfast, healthy cereals
A couple of banana slices falling into a cornflakes bowl - morning breakfast, wholesome diet, healthy breakfast, quick breakfast recipe
An office employee / a manager busy working and typing on her laptop - green screen, office desk