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A middle-aged couple and their children decorating a Rangoli together on Diwali
An Indian housewife of a village helping her children to complete their homework
Two cute children wearing their masks properly and giving thumbs up gesture
Happy siblings playing a hand-clap game together while sitting on the floor
Rural Indian housewife talking on her smartphone while working in the kitchen - Rural family in India
Rural father gets a call while he helps his children in studies - Happy family
Middle-aged farmer helping son and daughter in their studies - lifestyle family
Young playful children cheerfully jumping on bed during the leisure time in India
Cute young children happily playing with puppies while sitting on a charpai
Two adorable small children in casual clothes looking happily to the camera
Two adorable children opening and discarding their masks happily
Cute little brother and sister happily watching cartoons together on a smartphone
Indian school kids enjoying using a mobile phone while sitting together on a bed
Pretty Indian woman in a warm grey hat knitting sweaters at home - wintertime
Young woman relaxing on a couch and knitting a warm scarf during the winter season in India
Indian kids reading a book along with Santa Claus while sitting in a decorated Christmas room
Old Santa and young children reading a storybook during Christmas time in India
Young cheerful kids happily taking selfies with funny Santa Claus - Christmas time
Funny Santa Claus taking selfies with young kids during Christmas celebration in India
Bokeh shot of a Santa Claus thinking and writing something in his notebook during Christmas
Young happy children coloring together while lying in their tent during Christmas season
Cute little brother and sister drawing with colored pencils on Christmas holiday - Siblings in India
Christian mother gifting special Christmas presents to her children in Santa hats
Young children happily decorating Christmas tree - festive season in India
Happy Indian father reading a storybook to his cute little children on Christmas holiday
Cute Christian family happily enjoying while celebrating Christmas in India
Cute little children opening their Christmas gifts while sitting near a decorated Christmas tree
Happy Indian family of four sitting together in a decorated room on Christmas Eve