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A caring young girl of a village making her little sister wear a cap during the winters
A lady keeping a small car model with Indian currency notes - car loan, car finance
A middle-aged villager in a Kurta-Pajama helping his daughter in her studies - Beti Bachao Beti Padhao
A middle-aged lady doctor doing a checkup of a teenage girl - medical attention, Anganwadi worker, healthcare in an Indian village
A caring Indian father playing and spending time with his little girl child in a hospital room - childhood game,
A middle-aged lady narrating a story to her sick little daughter in a hospital room
A little Indian girl with an oxygen mask lying in a hospital bed - respiratory issues, ICU room, serious deadly disease
A cute little schoolgirl lying in bed with a soft toy in a pediatric unit - sick Indian child in a hospital room, hospital care
A happy Indian old couple playing carrom board in free time - board game, indoor game, retired life
A happy teenage girl eating chocolate sitting under a shady tree - sweet tooth
A young Indian girl playing a tug of war game in the park - outdoor sport, physical strength
A young Indian mother in a tracksuit teaching her teenage daughter to ride a bicycle
A teenage school student drawing Indian National Flag and posing for a camera
A happy Indian mother is playing with her little kid while tickling her - a happy family, parenting
A cheerful housewife and her little kid playing with colorful building blocks - puzzle, cognitive skill development, kids learning
A sweet little girl giving a warm hug to her lovely mother - love and affection, parent-child bonding, a young mother
A caring mother making her little daughter wear a woolen cap - winter season, cold climate, winter care, warm cap
A cheerful housewife is tying / braiding her daughter's hair with a ribbon - mother-daughter bonding, grooming
A cheerful Indian housewife is happily playing with her little daughter - mother-daughter bonding, a happy childhood
A little schoolgirl is whispering into her mother's ears - sharing her secrets, family bonding, mother-daughter love
A little girl is hugging / kissing her mother - love and affection, parenting, single mother
A strict working Indian woman scolding her little naughty girl for disturbing her - working on a laptop, working from home, stay at home parent
A loving mom brushing her daughter's hair - hair care, mother-daughter bonding
A middle-aged couple and their kids playing with building blocks - happy parenting, family time, Indian family
A cheerful Indian husband-wife with their son - happy parenting, leisure time, middle-class family, nuclear family, single child
A young adorable girl chatting with her mother - mother-daughter bonding, quality time, single mother, modern parenting
An affectionate Indian mother and her little daughter talking - covered in light blanket, monsoon season, warm clothing
A young businesswoman working on a laptop - late night office work, stressful job, overtime, a caring mother