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Macro shot of a spa oil test by taking in a dropper - spa session, almond oil, pipette, oil dropping drop by drop
Farmer working in his field - putting urea, use of chemical fertiliser into his crops, Indian farming, rural life, toxic chemicals
An Indian villager putting insecticide/pesticide in the wheat field- harmful chemical, toxic chemical in agriculture, traditional agricultural practises
Kalindi Kunj, New Delhi, India, 27th November 2021, Busy bridge over the Yamuna river
Akshardham, New Delhi, India, 25th November 2021, A male gardener in casual clothes using a sprayer to spray insecticide
Bubbles rising up in beer served in transparent glass - a popular beverage
Health worker's hand with a test tube and researching medicine for the treatment
Round shaped medicine dropping / falling in a clear glass of water - treatment / remedy
Powdered medicine being put / mixed with water in a clear glass - healthcare and treatment
Pill falling down / mixing in a clear glass of water for treatment and remedy. Fizzy drink
Pouring powdered medicine into a glass filled with water - healthcare and medical treatment
Soluble pill / tablet dissolving in a transparent glass of water - healthcare and treatment
Powdered medicine dissolved in water in transparent glass - health and treatment
Peasant injecting fertilizer with a syringe in vegetables - chemical use in farming
Fizzy bubbles in a pure glass of water with medicinal things - protection from disease
Orange colored tablet dissolving in a clean glass of water - healthcare concept
A gloved hand keeping a round white tablet in a sack of colorful medicines
Closeup shot of different colorful pills falling on the table - medicinal drugs concept
Pills falling on a sack of pills kept on a table - medical and healthcare concept
Healthcare and medical concept - a small trolley full of pharmaceutical things
Gloved hands of a medical worker picking up a blister pack of important medicine
An Indian farmer in a village putting harmful pesticides in his wheat field
Smoke emission from a factory polluting environment in India - air pollution concept
A burning garbage dump polluting harmful smoke in the environment - air pollution
Air pollution from burning household waste on the sides of a road - bad ecology concept
A burning garbage dump polluting the environment by producing harmful smoke - global warming
Harmful smoke coming out from an industrial chimney pipe causing air pollution
Smoke emission from factory pipes contaminating fresh air in an industrial area