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A Muslim man and his little kid in ethnic wear during the festive season - family bonding, leisure time, white skull cap, culture
A handsome guy giving a wonderful present to his beautiful wife - Eid celebrations, a festive season, a surprise gift
A pretty Muslim lady wearing a hijab decorating her girl-child's hand with Mehendi - a colorful paste, Eid celebrations, Henna
A little adorable schoolgirl brings a bouquet of colorful flowers for her mother - mother's day celebration, parent-child bonding
A young boy proposing to his girlfriend in the park - A young couple, to be married, romantic couple
A sweet schoolgirl hugging her mother in a public park - love and affection, relationship and togetherness, parenting
An affectionate father lifting up his cheerful infant - a happy childhood, relationship and togetherness
A young cheerful couple enjoying quality time with their cute adorable son - happy parenting, relationship and togetherness
A cheerful father and his young daughter playing together at home - a fun activity, parent-child bonding
A happy farmer wearing Kurta-Pajama dropping his young son to school on a bicycle - village education
A father-daughter duo enjoys roaming together in their green farmland - Indian village, green farmland
An attractive wife of a farmer tying her daughter's hair with a ribbon - mother-daughter bonding, village life
A caring young girl gives a glass of water and pills to her best friend - medications, health and medical, medical assistance
An Indian teenage girl wearing a woolen cap is using tissue paper to blow her runny nose - winter season, high fever, body temperature
Cheerful siblings sitting with a plate of Imarti and organic Gulal for Holi festival - an auspicious occasion, a Hindu festival, vibrant colors
An elderly grandfather wearing a pair of eyeglasses and reading a book at home - Indian family, Joint family, Three generations
Indian family at home - three generations in one frame. Old man browsing his mobile phone
An elderly grandfather - the worried man, stressed life, lonely old man, thinking about problems
A sick young girl wearing a hat and covered with a shawl resting on her mother's lap - cold and cough, fever, sick child, village family
A worried mother of an Indian village giving medicines to her daughter - seasonal flu, viral disease, fever, cough and cold, village home
A caring young mother of a village making her daughter wear a cap and shawl - winter season, winter flu, cold and cough, sick child
Young Indian mother massaging her newborn baby with oil - oil massage, body massage, bay care, healthy baby, child care, printing, village home
Single father making his sweet little baby boy sleep - parent-child bonding
A young man in casual clothes talking on his mobile while standing in his room
A caring Indian father sleeping with his cute adorable daughter in the bedroom
An attractive father in casual clothes helps his little son to sleep by patting him
Soulcurry Office, Faridabad, Haryana, India, 11th March 2020, A kid wearing surgical mask against air pollution
An affectionate mother in casual clothes patting her sleeping son on the sofa - love and care, parenting, mother-son bonding