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A middle-aged Indian lady consoling her daughter - caring mother, love and affection, stressed teenager, concerned mother
A loving Indian mother with her adult daughter - love and affection, mother-daughter bonding, Single Indian mother
A rural housewife in a traditional Saree giving a glass of water to her sick husband - cold and cough, fever, lung infection
A concerned father consulting a doctor online - video consultation, online medical consultation, medical care, Indian village
A worried husband of an Indian village consulting a doctor online - medical attention, doctor's appointment
A caring village husband putting a cold compress on his sick wife's forehead -medical attention, doctor's advice
A lady doctor with female village patients - free healthcare in India, rural healthcare, medical facilities
A healthcare worker giving medicines to a teenage girl - medical facilities, rural healthcare system
A rural Indian man and his beautiful wife cuddling their newborn child in hospital bed - new parents, love and affection
A young Indian mother holding her newborn baby while in the hospital room - mother baby hospital ward
A cheerful girl hugging her parents - Indian couple, Indian home, Indian family posing for the camera, Diwali decorations, Festive background
Small Indian family during Diwali celebration - Indian woman with her husband and daughter, parents with children
A happy young Indian man playing with his little daughter - childhood dream, a future pilot, parenting, single father
A young Indian woman is comforting her sick little daughter and making her sleep in the hospital bed
A caring female nurse feeding food to a sick girl in a hospital room - feeding food, hospital care, medical service
A young male doctor / pediatrician checking the pulse rate of a little Inidan girl
A sweet little girl giving a warm hug to her lovely mother - love and affection, parent-child bonding, a young mother
A caring mother making her little daughter wear a woolen cap - winter season, cold climate, winter care, warm cap
A cheerful housewife is tying / braiding her daughter's hair with a ribbon - mother-daughter bonding, grooming
A sweet little girl checking her mother's heartbeat with a stethoscope toy - nurse doctor role play
A cute little girl happily talking to her mother - wrapped in a blanket, winter season, happy childhood, night time, sleeping time
A loving mom brushing her daughter's hair - hair care, mother-daughter bonding
A caring Indian mother applying hair oil on her son's hair - healthy hair, head massage, mother-son bonding
An attractive middle-aged couple celebrating their love with a beautiful gift - Gujarati couple, anniversary gift, celebration
A caring Indian father feeding Dhokla and juice to his young daughter - Gujarati snack, father-daughter bonding
A caring Indian mother helping her young kid with her studies - home education, single mother, homeschooling
A happy middle-aged Indian man is giving a beautiful gift to his cheerful wife - a marriage anniversary, love and affection
A caring Indian mother helping her little daughter with her homework - school assignments, mother-daughter bonding