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A caring grandfather and his grandson reading a book together at home - leisure time, family bonding, retirement
A loving mother caring for her sick daughter suffering from flu lying on the sofa
Indian caring daughter-in-law giving medicine to old father-in-law - Retiring senior, Healthcare, treatment, aging concept
Stressed and depressed Indian husband, Indian couple in problem - stressed and sad, frustrated, loving wife, caring wife
Young Indian parents making their 3 months old daughter to sleep - Indian family, caring parents, nuclear family
A caring Indian mother applying hair oil on her son's hair - healthy hair, head massage, mother-son bonding
A caring Indian father feeding Dhokla and juice to his young daughter - Gujarati snack, father-daughter bonding
A caring Indian mother helping her young kid with her studies - home education, single mother, homeschooling
A caring Indian mother helping her little daughter with her homework - school assignments, mother-daughter bonding
An Indian housewife spending time with her kids - a caring mother, happy childhood, a remote job
A single father and his cute little daughter playing with building blocks - single parent, parenting, child development
A cheerful father and his young daughter playing together at home - a fun activity, parent-child bonding
A caring young girl gives a glass of water and pills to her best friend - medications, health and medical, medical assistance
An Indian teenage girl wearing a woolen cap is using tissue paper to blow her runny nose - winter season, high fever, body temperature
A caring young mother of a village making her daughter wear a cap and shawl - winter season, winter flu, cold and cough, sick child
Single father making his sweet little baby boy sleep - parent-child bonding
A caring Indian father sleeping with his cute adorable daughter in the bedroom
Caring Indian mother of a village kissing and hugging her daughter on the forehead - family bonding, Indian village
A caring mother oiling the curly hair of her adorable son - healthy hair, head massage, mother-son bonding
A young child and an old man embracing each other while hiding behind a tree
A happy family - Husband, wife, and little daughter spending time in the bedroom
A female taking care of her baby while talking on the phone - young parents, Indian mother
A loving Indian caring father patting his little daughter to sleep on his lap at home
A handsome caring father feeding with milk bottle to his little daughter - Indian family, nuclear family
Caring Indian mother force-feeding orange juice to her little baby in a bottle
A caring mother and a loving grandfather doing first aid of their child at home
Caring Indian father in casual clothes patting his adorable son to sleep at home
Portrait of an adorable boy sleeping on his mother's lap while she is patting him