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A female eating french fries with tomato ketchup - appetizer, deep fried, high cholesterol diet, sugary cola
Black cola / cold drink is being poured in a transparent glass - dark fizzy drink, refreshing drink, aerated drinks
Golden yellow crispy and crunchy cornflakes falling into the milk - healthy eating, rich in fiber
Lady's hand dipping a slice of paneer into Besan / gram flour to make a tasty snack - pakodas, fritters, Indian dish, evening snack
White sugar crystals / particles falling / dropping on tasty homemade biscuits
Female's hand putting Sev inside hollow puris to make a tasty evening snack - Street food India
Citrus kiwi fruit slices against a white background - healthy food
Small cubes of cheese falling on a deliciously baked Italian pizza - popular snacks
Female baker taking a spoonful of pastry from a plate - a delicious dessert
Woman's hand taking a spoonful of spongy cream cake - a delicious dessert
Spreading strawberry jam with a butter knife on a slice of tasty brown bread - popular breakfast
Close shot of hands of a cook taking out fresh puris from the hot oil served with savory curry
Closeup shot of deep-frying Boondi/Bundiya in hot oil - Indian dessert concept
High angle shot of hands preparing sweet Boondi in a big Kadhai - food concept
Closeup shot of hot cooking oil deep-frying delicious snacks - street food concept
Closeup shot of a roadside Halwai preparing the stuffing for samosa - Indian food
Closeup shot of pakoras (fritters) being prepared in hot oil for guests at the Indian wedding
Indian female standing on a weight scale- Weight loss concept
Overweight female taking a handful of popcorn and eating in front of the TV at home - Sedentary and unhealthy lifestyle
Indian overweight woman in dilemma whether she should eat a cake - Dieting concept
Indian woman eating high-calorie food, Vegetable burger - Health risk concept
Overweight Indian woman taking handfull of chips and eating in front of a television - Junk food concept
Slow motion of an amateur chef cutting apple into thin slices
Slow motion of a girl cutting off a piece of an apple
A man chopping fresh tomatoes into slices on a chopping board
An Indian male cutting lemon into slices
A girl spreading peanut butter over the top of a brown bread
An elderly couple and their children partying at home - drinking juice, refreshing drink, celebration time