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Shot of a freshly prepared green tea in a cup - morning tea, beverage
Indian housewife stitching a button of her husband's shirt while he is going out - Happily married life
Smiling lady enjoying her favorite program on television while relaxing at home
Young girl enjoying watching television while sitting on the sofa in her living room
Top view shot of a calculator and five hundred rupees notes - accounting concept
Top view shot of a calculator and five hundred rupees notes - accounting concept
Romantic moment between husband and wife - Wife fixing his shirt
An accountant counting Indian currency - Rs 500 notes and doing calculations with calculator
Shot of an Indian woman folding an ironed blue polo t-shirt
Businesswomen / female boss / Accountant evaluates profit and loss of the company
Top angle shot of a business women checking profit and loss statement / income report
An accountant counts Rupee 500 Indian currency notes and note it down
Shot of a women using laptop for online purchase / shopping with credit card
Closeup shot of women hand's typing on computer keyboard
A girl trying to get the correct finger scanning on an attendance machine
A girl placing her thumb on the biometric scanner machine for office attendance
Side view of a girl putting her official paper in a photostat machine
A girl trying to put the correct password on a biometric machine
Close up of a lady typing fast on the keyboard
Portrait of a Sikh Indian gentleman getting ready while looking into the mirror
Young mother helping her son to get ready for school - Indian Family. Love, Family Concept