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Portrait of a Sikh Indian businessman happily talking on a smartphone
Portrait of a serious-looking female teacher taking online classes on her laptop
Portrait of a young Indian businessman doing his office work on his laptop
Smart young tired businessman sleeping while working on his laptop at home
A young smiling businessman looking at laptop screen excited to get good news
A positive businessman working on a laptop showing a thumbs-up gesture
Businessman in formal clothes talking to a colleague on a mobile - work from home
Portrait of a bored businessman resting on his bed after a hard day's work
A tired businessman coming back after a hard day's work unlacing the tie
Portrait of a young businessman in a yellow T-shirt having a severe headache - depression and insomnia
A smart young businessman talking on his mobile while doing his office work
Male signing an important contract paper for official work
An Indian businessman wearing formals reading an important official document
Indian male IT professional down important points during a virtual meeting - WFH (Work from home)
Middle-aged Indian businessman talking to a client while working on a laptop
Angry Indian man arguing on his smartphone - stressful lifestyle concept
Portrait of Punjabi businessman straightening his coat's collar while getting ready
Portrait shot of a happy Sikh man twisting his mustache and folding his hands
Point of view shot of an Indian businessman busy over a video conference call
Portrait of a Sikh Indian businessman taking a selfie showing victory sign
Portrait of a Sikh Indian businessman showing thumbs up while looking at the camera
Portrait shot of an Indian businessman joining his hands with a smile on his face
Portrait of a bearded Indian Sikh twirling his mustache with a smile on his face
Young businessman working with paper documents and laptop at the home office
Young businessman waiting for good results of his work while looking at his laptop
Portrait shot of a young businessman texting to someone from his mobile phone
Tilt shot of a formally dressed Indian man smiling while using his smartphone
Closeup shot of a young businessman's hands typing on his laptop's keyboard