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A man making hot Jalebis in a roadside shop - Indian sweets
A young office worker stirring tea / coffee in office
An office employee using a tablet while sitting in an office on a comfortable chair
A female office executive wearing a T-shirt reading a book during her break time
A confident Indian woman using a laptop to complete her office work during the night
Cheerful girl helping her best friend in online shopping - e-commerce purchase
A young beautician blow-drying her client's hair after a haircut - occupation and profession
Close shot of two slices of a burger bun with sesame seeds kept in the kitchen
Female signing gold loan agreement against her gold jewelry - financial planning
Woman's hand protecting her dream car against collision and damages - car insurance
Piggybank for saving. Pig shaped piggy bank. Finance, Saving, Money
Working woman drinking a glass of juice while working on her laptop - Work from home
A young freelancer with white earphones working on her laptop - remote job
A young housewife in casual clothes doing online shopping during the lockdown period
An independent corporate woman with black hair entering her credit / debit card details
Portrait of a Indian female entrepreneur in a black T-shirt doing her office work on a laptop
Female hands showing the keys of her new house decorated with a ribbon
Woman's hand keeping a pig-shaped piggy bank on a stack of coins - monthly savings and investment
Male hand putting his thumb impression on legally approved bank papers / documents
Female hand putting a coin inside her piggy bank - savings and investment
Hard-earned money is saved monthly to buy a dream car in the future - luxurious lifestyle
Stop motion shot of a white sheet of paper crumpling and unfolding again - Time lapse shot
Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India - February 10, 2020: A street vendor selling fresh betel leaves / Paan on the by lanes of a marketplace
Indian insurance agent helping his client while filling the insurance form
Word "TIME" with plastic letters written on an official work station - time management
A pair of eyeglasses and sticky notes kept on the laptop on the office table - Work from home table
Female hands keeping a green screen chroma key device on a lined notebook - Home office work table
Pen dropping near a green screen chroma key device placed on a notepad - Work table