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Female's hand checking sales and company growth with graphs and pie charts
Professional businesswoman's hand working on a laptop from her home office - Work from home (WFH)
Indian female's hand signing an important official document with a blue pen
Point of view shot of an Indian businessman busy over a video conference call
Medium shot of a pretty Indian businesswoman busy over a video conference call
Sad, unhappy young businessman drinking alcohol or beer at home
Closeup shot of a businesswoman's hands signing a legal contract agreement
Young male employee happily receiving a call from his friend - technology concept
Female fashion designer giving a smile while working in her fashion boutique
Handsome businessman dealing with his customers at a self-owned fashion studio
Young businesswoman discussing the dress pattern and style with her customer
Indian male fashion entrepreneur happily smiling at the camera with folded arms - fashion studio
Indian fashion entrepreneur showing different designer dresses to a client at her fashion retail store
A team of a young businessman working and communicating together in an office - Sales meeting
Indian businessman planning a product launch with his team members - Corporate office
Side view of a young businesswoman in her car ready to drive to her workplace for a meeting
Exhausted businessman sitting in the dark office cabin / room - Working on a desktop system
Indian businessman working from home - Talking on the phone
A businessman counts Indian money - Rupee 500 currency notes on a wooden table
Businessman checking the balance sheet of his company
Serious business partners working with documents together at their home office
Indian young female meeting with their junior employees in the conference room - Corporate meeting
An attractive young Indian woman helps her husband to wear the blazer for the office - Office formal wear
A happy businessman receiving a phone call, Chroma shoot - modern technology
A female accountant using a calculator to calculate the household expenses
Mother making her baby sleep in the night - new born baby
Portrait of a young freelancer working on a laptop during the Coronavirus pandemic
Modern well-groomed office executive adjusting his tie before a meeting