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Shot of a women using laptop for online purchase / shopping with credit card
A busy Indian girl frustrated from work talking on phone
A boy takes out money from his wallet and hands it over to another person
A tensed Indian girl searches important document in her office file
Young Indian female entrepreneur making a phone call and discussing a proposal
A busy Indian girl sipping coffee while working and talking on phone in her office cabin
A banker counting Indian currency notes and making entry in his computer
Closeup shot of an accountant counting 10 rupees Indian currency
A finance company employee counts Indian currency Rupee 200 notes
Shot of man accepting Indian currency, counting it and keeping them in his wallet
A girl tired of working for long hours infront of the laptop / computer screen
Top view of a busy Indian girl typing on her laptop with green screen while sitting in her office cabin
Workers pouring smelted bronze metal into the sand
Wide shot of a lathe machine in action
Closeup shot of a lathe machine giving shape to the metal
A formal office meeting between Indian male and female colleague, exchanging files and shaking hands
Young Indian couple sitting together in living room and working on their laptop and mobile phones
A girl busy working and typing on the keyboard in her office cabin
A girl busy with her official work typing and drinking coffee at the same time
Young boy and girl dressed professionally crossing each other and handing over a file against the green screen
Boy and a girl dressed professionally meeting and talking to each other against the green screen
Professionally dressed young boy and girl discussing a file standing against the green screen
Young man dressed formally using tablet and making hand movements on virtual green screen
Young girl in formals walking with a stroller and checking time on her wrist watch against the green screen
young boy and girl in formals walking with a file and discussing
Young man dressed formally walking with a stroller and talking on his cell phone against the green screen
Formally dressed young boy and girl with file discussing against the green screen
Low angle shot of a man deep frying samosas in hot oil