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A middle-aged Indian villager is lighting a brass Diya kept on an Aarti Thali - religious faith and belief, spiritual woman
A middle-aged woman is performing Aarti at home - aarti thali, incense stick, morning prayers, religious woman, lord statue, positive aura
Shot of blowing out a candle standing on the table - Festive vibe, Christmas celebration
A woman in her home celebrating Christmas with family and friends - Winter holiday concept
A young Indian girl in her twenties with brightly lit Diyas - Deepavali celebrations, fair Asian girl
A pretty Indian woman keeping brightly burning Diyas - Diwali celebrations, Indian famous festival
A happy Indian woman with a plate of oil lamps - Diwali celebrations, Diwali diyas, Diwali lights
A young lady wearing a pretty saree and holding a Diwali Diya - Diwali celebrations, festival decoration, portrait
A beautiful woman holding a brightly burning clay Diya to celebrate Diwali - smiling Asian girl
An attractive female wearing colorful jewellery holding a well-lit Diya for Diwali, New house, Indian culture
Indian woman wearing bangles holding diya - burning oil lamp, Diwali festival, festive season, offering prayers, puja at home
Attractive Indian girl using her smartphone while wearing a traditional dress
Female placing a well-lit wax lamp in the center of a flower Rangoli - celebration time, festive season, home decoration for Diwali, diya, deepawali
Closeup shot of lighting up an wax lamp placed in the center of a Rangoli - Diwali festival, Deepawali
Pretty Indian girl smiling with a glowing oil lamp in hands - Diwali celebration, South Indian girl, Asian girl
An Indian housewife wearing a pretty saree is talking on her mobile - festive season, Hindu festival, colourful decoration, Diwali decorations
Pan shot of a mother and daughter decorating a traditional Rangoli with Diyas
An old Indian lady in saree decorating a floral rangoli with diyas for Diwali decoration - Diwali diyas, Diwali preparation
An Indian female in Indian dress - Saree decorating a floral Rangoli for Diwali decoration - Diwali diyas, Diwali preparation
Indian woman wearing bangles with diya - burning oil lamp, Diwali festival, festive season, offering prayers, puja at home
Medium shot of a pretty Indian girl in traditional wear, showing a glowing oil lamp against a festive background
Beautiful Indian woman in traditional wear with a burning oil lamp - Diwali festival
An Indian women in an ethnic dress holding an Aarti Thali - Diwali puja, Diwali prayers, Diwali celebrations
A beautiful woman holding a brightly burning clay diya to celebrate Diwali - greetings, posing for camera
Diwali greetings by a young Indian girl, namaste greetings on the Diwali festival, Hindu religion, an auspicious occasion
A sweet Indian girl offering sweets during Diwali celebration, Indian sweets, Indian Diwali, Diwali decoration
Portrait of a cute girl happily holding a burning Diya - Diwali festival, Indian rituals, greeting
Diwali celebration with Diwali crackers, Indian couple burning sparklers during the Diwali festival