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Mid shot of an old lady of a village - feeding green leaves to her buffalo
Indian Village Life - Shot of a woman bathing their buffalo
A woman flattening the cow dung cake for cooking fuel in rural India
Shot of cows standing in a cowshed in an Indian village
Indian Village - Cute little new born brown calf drinking mother's milk
Indian Village Life - Closeup shot of a calf drinking cow's milk
A herd of cows and buffaloes grazing in an open field / green pastures in the in Himachal Pradesh, India - Mammals, mountain area
Shot of buffalos tied up in a rural house shed in an Indian village
Pan shot of a group of water buffaloes bathing in a freshwater pond in India
Closeup shot of Asian water buffaloes enjoying swimming at the riverbanks - Village Talab or Pond
Pan shot of Indian buffaloes relaxing in a freshwater pond near a village in India