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Indian mother and daughter checking different places on a world map - world globe
A sweet little girl giving a warm hug to her lovely mother - love and affection, parent-child bonding, a young mother
A caring mother making her little daughter wear a woolen cap - winter season, cold climate, winter care, warm cap
An adorable little girl doing makeup for her mother - cosmetics, fashion and lifestyle, role play, new age profession, budding artist
A cheerful housewife is tying / braiding her daughter's hair with a ribbon - mother-daughter bonding, grooming
A young lady on a phone call - helping her school-going girl with her studies, parent-child bonding, school assignments
A cheerful Indian housewife is happily playing with her little daughter - mother-daughter bonding, a happy childhood
A young mother-daughter duo is watching their favorite program together on television - leisure time, fun and entertainment
An adorable little girl falls asleep in her mother's arms in the living room - an affectionate mother, happy parenting
A happy mother-daughter duo is watching an online video together on a laptop - binge-watch, late-night movie, entertainment time
A female entrepreneur is working on a laptop late at night - office work, a stressful job, Indian working mother, work-life balance
A busy single mother taking care of her little daughter while working from home - parenting, mother-daughter bonding
A cute little girl in casual clothes learning knitting / weaving woolen sweaters - living room background, hobby
An Indian housewife and her sweet daughter watching an online video on a mobile - fun and entertainment, screen addition, kids' habit
An adorable little girl is playing with her mother in the living room - a happy childhood
A little schoolgirl is whispering into her mother's ears - sharing her secrets, family bonding, mother-daughter love
A cheerful Indian mother is playing hand-clapping games with her little daughter - a childhood game
A sweet little girl checking her mother's heartbeat with a stethoscope toy - nurse doctor role play
A worried Indian mother is consulting a doctor on phone about her daughter's illness - online doctor call
A young Indian mother feeding Samosa to her daughter - street food, stuffed Samosa, junk food, home made
An adorable girl and her mom doing online shopping - using a debit card, e-commerce, online purchase
A cheerful housewife and her little daughter watching a funny online video on a tablet - screen addition, night time routine, sleep time
A pretty mother and her little daughter blowing soap bubbles while enjoying in winter holidays
A cute little girl happily talking to her mother - wrapped in a blanket, winter season, happy childhood, night time, sleeping time
A little girl is hugging / kissing her mother - love and affection, parenting, single mother
A loving mom brushing her daughter's hair - hair care, mother-daughter bonding
A caring Indian mother applying hair oil on her son's hair - healthy hair, head massage, mother-son bonding
An attractive middle-aged couple celebrating their love with a beautiful gift - Gujarati couple, anniversary gift, celebration