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Juicy yellow lemon falling inside a clear glass full of aromatic brewing black tea
Whole black pepper and cloves falling on a plate of dried tea leaves with Tulsi Patta
A spoonful of organic honey and Tulsi leaves in a clear glass of herbal black tea
Tea seasoned with Tulsi leaves pouring in a clear mug - health and medicine - Black tea
Extreme closeup of a bunch of black grapes being sprinkled with fresh water
A girl setting a surprise table with black tea, flowers and a present for Mother's day/Birthday
Spices of India - Closeup shot of organic black peppercorns with red dried chilies
Closeup shot of aromatic black pepper grains falling on a wooden table
Closeup shot of hands of a housewife putting black pepper in a grinder for grinding
Top view of a woman's hand grinding black pepper on a wooden table - Indian spices
A pile of organic black pepper in a rotating glass bowl - selective focus on a white surface
Rotating shot of black pepper in a glass bowl isolated over white background
Black pepper and dried red chilies against the white background - Spices of India
Close up shot of Black salt powder with its raw crystal piece in a white plate - Indian mineral salt
Attractive Indian girl applying black nail paint at home
Black lentils / sabut urad dal and kidney beans / rajma dropping on a lunch table
Human hand keeping a bowl of Sabut Urad Dal / black lentils with cooked Dal Makhani
A young woman scrolling through the picture gallery on her new mobile in the office - office leisure time
Collection of Indian spices in wooden containers - common Indian spices, Indian herbs
Powdered Haldi, dried Haldi and raw ginger kept against a black background - Indian spices
Wheat dough ball for making chapati - Indian food
Wheat grains falling on a surface layered with flour - Indian agriculture produce, Atta
An Indian woman dusting wheat flour from hands - Indian chef, slow motion
A young woman sprinkling fresh wheat flour - food ingredient, Indian staple
Refined flour is sprinkled on the smooth surface - Unhealthy, bad for health
A handful of wheat grains falling / dropping on a glass table - harvest, foodgrains
A pretty Indian girl combing her long black hair - lifestyle and fashion, North East Indian girl
A retired Indian lady is holding a transparent hourglass with black sand - sand timer, antique