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Happy brother and sister preparing for Christmas celebrations during Christmas season
Young adorable couple hanging colorful items/ornaments on a Christmas tree at home
Happy Indian girl decorating Christmas tree with her cute boyfriend during Christmas
Pan shot of happy Indian couple celebrating Christmas or New Year together at home
Group of upset young friends using mobile phones in a boring New Year party
Unhappy boring people chatting on their smartphones during New Year time in India
Group of young friends celebrating New Year 2020 with drinks - party concept
Happy Indian couple enjoying dancing at a New Year masquerade party - festive scene
Cute Indian couple happily enjoying and celebrating New Year with drinks in India
Handsome young man dancing with his beautiful girlfriend during New Year celebration
Closeup shot of a beautiful girl smiling with a mirror disco ball - party concept
Pretty Indian girl happily looking at the camera during New Year or Christmas time
Closeup shot of an Indian female posing and smiling during Christmas/New Year party
Pretty Indian female gives a charming toothy smile to the camera while standing near a disco ball
Handsome Indian guy happily smiling at the camera during Christmas/New Year celebration
Smart Indian boy happily smiling at the camera during New Year or Christmas time
Indian boys and girls smiling and posing with 2020 balloons at a New Year house party
Crazy young friends celebrating New Year's Eve together at a house party in India
Group of young beautiful people showing golden 2020 celebration balloons - New Year Eve
Indian boys and girls celebrating New Year Eve in a decorated room at home in India
Old funny Santa laughing out loud in glass spectacles on Christmas Eve in India
Old Santa Claus opens a surprise Christmas present during Christmas celebration in India
Bokeh shot of lazy old Santa Claus leaning on his hand while waiting for Christmas in India
Happy Santa Claus reading a book while sitting on a couch during Christmas time in India
Sad and depressed Santa Claus in glass spectacles waiting for Christmas celebrations in India
Bokeh shot of an unemployed Santa Claus waiting for his Christmas job during Christmas season
Bokeh shot of a happy Santa Claus preparing for Christmas presents using a laptop
Busy old Santa working on his laptop at home during Christmas time in India