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Smiling boyfriend girlfriend doing shopping for each other on Valentine's day
Young adorable couple spending quality time together on Valentine's day in India
Old Santa Claus opens a surprise Christmas present during Christmas celebration in India
Bokeh shot of lazy old Santa Claus leaning on his hand while waiting for Christmas in India
Sad and depressed Santa Claus in glass spectacles waiting for Christmas celebrations in India
Bokeh shot of an unemployed Santa Claus waiting for his Christmas job during Christmas season
Bokeh shot of a happy Santa Claus preparing for Christmas presents using a laptop
Busy old Santa working on his laptop at home during Christmas time in India
Happy Santa Claus offering a special gift box to the camera on Christmas Eve in India
Old Santa sitting on a couch with colorful Christmas presents during Christmas time
Funny Santa Claus taking selfies on his smartphone during Christmas celebration
Bokeh shot of a Santa Claus thinking and writing something in his notebook during Christmas
Sad and upset Santa Claus suffering from a severe headache on Christmas Eve in India
Old Santa in glass spectacles waving goodbye after celebrating Christmas in India
Old Santa Claus giving Christmas present to a smiling little boy on Christmas in India
Moving shot of a drainage ditch filled with domestic / household waste
Rubbish household waste scattered in a roadside water drainage - bad ecology
Top view of a blocked water drainage ditch with household or domestic waste in India
Moving shot of a smelly dumping ground with algae and domestic waste in India
Pan shot of an illegal roadside garbage dump in India - environmental pollution
Dirty and polluted riverside with plastic bottles, bags and other garbage
Still shot of Illegal dumping garbage site in India - environmental pollution concept
Tilt shot of garbage like plastic bags, bottles, household waste, etc at the side of a river
Illegal dumping ground filled with household wastes, plastic bottles, and bags
Pile of plastic bags, bottles, wrappers and other wastes dumped in a landfill
A burning garbage dump polluting harmful smoke in the environment - air pollution
Air pollution from burning household waste on the sides of a road - bad ecology concept
A burning garbage dump polluting the environment by producing harmful smoke - global warming