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Healthy woman doing yoga Paschimottanasana (sitting forward bend pose) early morning before her office
Healthy beautiful lady practicing Halasana (plough pose) on a yoga mat - sportswear
Healthy Indian lady doing Hastapadasana (standing forward bend pose) while standing on mat - healthy lifestyle
Young government employee explaining new agricultural policies to an illiterate farmer
Pretty Indian girl cutely blowing soap bubbles and enjoying her leisure time
Attractive Indian woman happily blowing soap bubbles in the park - leisure concept
Young woman performing yoga exercises early morning in a garden
Healthy Indian woman in sportswear doing yoga asanas - fitness concept
Pretty young lady practicing yoga on green grass with fitness mat in a park
Beautiful young woman doing yoga postures on a fitness mat in a garden - sportswear
Attractive Indian woman doing breathing exercises with closed eyes in lotus pose
Young woman in athlete wear doing asanas while sitting on a yoga mat
Young focused woman doing yoga asanas early morning in a park
Young attractive woman practicing yoga asanas early morning before working time
Focused Indian woman exercising yoga on green grass - concept of healthy lifestyle
Beautiful young woman doing morning stretching exercises in sportswear
Pretty Indian woman practicing asanas on a yoga mat - healthy lifestyle
Female masseuse massaging the legs of a client in a relaxed and calm atmosphere - spa center, healthy body and skin, self-love care
Lighting up a scented wax candle for a relaxing aromatic spa session - white flower candles
Female hand pours organic oil into a glass bowl for spa treatment, body care - ayurvedic spa centre
Aromatic oil for wellness therapies, cosmetic treatments - home spa, beautiful spa table, essential oils, serums, body care
Shot of blowing out a candle standing on the table - Festive vibe, Christmas celebration
Christmas ornaments and candles, beautifully arranged near a Christmas tree, capture the festive and enchanting atmosphere
Indian female putting Christmas ball decoration into the tree branch for Christmas celebration
A young girl wearing a traditional white dress enjoying cycling on Republic Day
Medium shot of a woman smoking a hookah while sitting comfortably on a chaarpai
Fat Indian man stretching his body in a public park - fitness, morning routine, unhealthy
Happy Indian bridal pair clicking selfies - pre-wedding shoot, Mehendi function, traditional marriage, henna ceremony