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A light wind storm in the monsoons - bad weather
A beautiful Indian woman blowing soap bubbles and smiling - refreshing childhood memories, a joyful moment
Timelapse shot of beautiful sunset amidst palm trees in a silhouette background
Pretty Indian girl happily making soap bubbles and enjoying her leisure time
Young attractive boy enjoying and making soap bubbles in the street market in India
Rural landscape view of a beautiful grassy wheat field during daytime in India
Healthy beautiful lady practicing Matsyendrasan Asana (half twist pose) on a yoga mat - sportswear
Beautiful green grassy paddy field during daytime in India - healthy food
Still shot of a beautiful agricultural field of rice during daytime in an Indian farm
Closeup shot of ripened rice ears ready for harvesting in India - farming concept - Village Scene
Moving shot of a roadside river canal with dirty water, green grass and bushes all around
Smoke emission from a factory polluting environment in India - air pollution concept
A burning garbage dump polluting harmful smoke in the environment - air pollution
Air pollution from burning household waste on the sides of a road - bad ecology concept
A burning garbage dump polluting the environment by producing harmful smoke - global warming
Harmful smoke coming out from an industrial chimney pipe causing air pollution
Smoke emission from factory pipes contaminating fresh air in an industrial area
Factory chimney smoking heavy smoke in the cloudy sky - air pollution concept
A team of a young businessman working and communicating together in an office - Sales meeting
Indian businessman planning a product launch with his team members - Corporate office
Young team leader discussing business related ideas with his colleagues - Corporate office atmosphere
Young attractive woman practicing Balasana (child pose) on a yoga mat - healthy lifestyle
Healthy woman doing yoga Paschimottanasana (sitting forward bend pose) early morning before her office
Healthy beautiful lady practicing Halasana (plough pose) on a yoga mat - sportswear
Healthy Indian lady doing Hastapadasana (standing forward bend pose) while standing on mat - healthy lifestyle
Young government employee explaining new agricultural policies to an illiterate farmer
Pretty Indian girl cutely blowing soap bubbles and enjoying her leisure time
Attractive Indian woman happily blowing soap bubbles in the park - leisure concept