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A handsome bearded farmer happily talking on his mobile in his green farmland - modern villager
A middle-aged bearded Indian farmer with a shovel / Phawra in his green farmland - an agricultural tool
Happy little kids enjoying roaming around together in the green agricultural field - togetherness and bonding, a simple living
A middle-aged bearded farmer enjoys carrying his little daughter on his shoulders - happy parenting, carefree, father-daughter bonding
An adorable schoolgirl from an Indian village with her father - father-daughter bonding
A confident bearded farmer standing near a tubewell with his folded arms - leisure time, relaxation
A happy bearded farmer with a handful of golden wheat grains near a tubewell - agricultural produce, wheat crop
A female farmer in a traditional Saree doing hand embroidery using a wooden frame - craft and skills, a working housewife
A middle-aged farmer holding a shovel with his two little kids in his green field - Indian agriculture, an agricultural tool
Children of an Indian village enjoy spraying water while using a water gun - Holi celebrations, Pichkari
A farmer's son and daughter of an Indian village playing with a water gun - Holi celebration, agricultural field
A modern Indian villager working on his laptop while sitting on a woven cot - an electronic gadget, internet technology
A loving father / Indian villager with his small adorable son - happy parenting, parent-child bonding, love and affection
Walking shot of an aisle in a coffee plantation - nature, green shrubs
A traditional village couple walking through rice / paddy / mustard field - Indian agriculture
An Indian man sitting near a river near an agricultural field washing his hands
A young man in casual clothes plucking healthy ridge gourd / turai vegetable from farm
Two Indian domesticated milk yielding cows tied together to a tree in a rural village
Two Indian agricultural workers unhappy with the low-level crop harvesting
Disappointed Indian farmer sitting with frustration in his agricultural field
Indian farmer plucking green leafy vegetables from his agricultural field
Loving village couple taking their selfie while sitting in a green agricultural area
Cheerful villagers sitting in a green area talking about their agricultural work - Indian farmer family
A rural villager with an agricultural tool standing with his wife in their field - Indian farmer couple
An Indian villager happily talking on his mobile while standing in his field
Worried Indian farmer talks on mobile about his monthly income - agricultural business
Educated Indian farmer learning new things on a laptop - modern technology
Middle-aged rural couple having a tea break during their hard work in farmland