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A young romantic village couple in their farm fields - Village husband wife in the wheat field - Indian farmer couple, togetherness and bonding
A handsome bearded farmer in traditional clothes walking in his wheat fields - Indian village field, agricultural produce
Young smiling children from a rural household roaming in their rice field - Indian agriculture, village lifestyle
A middle-aged villager in casual clothes with an Angocha doing a thumbs-up gesture - posing
A middle-aged farmer working on a laptop while his wife is doing hand embroidery - modern villager
A middle-aged village husband feeding his beautiful wife - Indian village scene, tasty food, relationship and bonding
A sweet schoolboy from an Indian village sitting on his father's lap near a tubewell - agricultural machinery, parent-child bonding
A handsome Indian farmer with a beard/ mustache talking on his mobile near a tubewell - leisure time, freshwater, agricultural machinery
A married Indian housewife in traditional Sari filling up fresh water for daily use - cooking, an Indian villager
A middle-aged bearded farmer throwing insecticide / pesticide in his wheat field
A young kid in school uniform waving the National Flag of India - independence / republic day
A little schoolgirl proudly swinging the Indian National in her farm field - patriotism, Jai Hind, National holiday
A farmer's son and daughter in school uniform waving the Indian National Flag together - Independence / Republic Day
A female farmer happily counting her hard-earned money in her farmland - monthly income, future investment, agricultural loan
A married rural housewife in a traditional Saree in her agricultural field - wheat crops, Indian agriculture
A small nuclear family in an Indian village - Village couple dropping their kids to school on a bicycle
An Indian village couple going for a walk on a village road with a bicycle - a village scene
A responsible Indian farmer happily going to drop his little kids to school on a bicycle - village education, Literacy in Rural India
An Indian farmer happily dropping his little daughter to school on a bicycle - Girl-child education, Beti Bachao Beti Padhao
A sick bearded farmer in traditional clothes coughing with one hand on his chest - medical attention, unwell, viral infection
A beautiful married housewife walking through a field with a pitcher - Village scene
A young schoolkid from a village enjoys playing with a kite in his agricultural field - Makar Sankranti, kite flying competition
A happy traditional village family enjoys eating sugarcane in their agricultural field - Ganna
A farmer's adorable son and daughter running and playing in the agricultural field
A middle-aged peasant / worker checking / touching his blooming wheat crops - Indian agriculture
A handsome bearded farmer happily talking on his mobile in his green farmland - modern villager
A middle-aged bearded Indian farmer with a shovel / Phawra in his green farmland - an agricultural tool
Happy little kids enjoying roaming around together in the green agricultural field - togetherness and bonding, a simple living