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A medium shot of an aged woman of a village reading a holy book near a farmland
An elderly lady of a village smoking an Indian pipe while sitting near a field
An aged woman of a village worshipping God by reading a religious book
Medium shot of a woman smoking a hookah while sitting comfortably on a chaarpai
An old woman knitting sweater for her loved ones sitting near a farmland
Closeup shot of an old village woman's hand knitting a sweater for her loved ones
Medium shot of an aged woman making sweaters for winters sitting in a field
Medium shot of elderly woman knitting pullovers in her free time for the poor people
Close up shot of a diesel water pump helping Indian villagers to irrigate fields
Beautiful green grassy paddy field during daytime in India - healthy food
Still shot of yellow-green rice field in village during daytime in India - organic farming
Beautiful landscape view of yellow-green paddy field with the foggy sky in the background
A group of Indian farmers in village threshing rice by hands at the paddy field - farming concept
Indian farmer walking in the field with a stack of harvested rice crops - harvest season
Young farmers threshing newly harvested rice stalks by hands - Delhi/NCR, India
Closeup shot of a farmer beating rice stalks on a drum to remove rice grains in India
Low angle shot of pearl millet crop ready for harvesting in an Indian farm
Pan shot of Bajra or Bajri on a beautiful summer day in Delhi/NCR, India
Beautiful golden ears of rice ready for harvesting in India - agriculture concept
Beautiful landscape view of endless paddy field at the time of sunset in Delhi/NCR, India