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A beautiful young woman looking up to the camera and smiling charmingly - smiling woman, wheatish skin, Asian girl
Young Indian parents using laptop - quality time, adult, nuclear Indian family
A teenage girl is helping her middle-aged mother in her studies - a village home, adult education
Handsome Indian man happily gesturing thumbs-ups while standing in the kitchen
Portrait shot of an attractive Indian young man in the kitchen - smiling, Indian cook, Indian husband
A shot of smiling man cheering and posing for camera - festival of colors, Holi party
Delhi, India - September 2018: Handsome male client getting stylish haircut at a unisex salon
Salon in metro town in India - hairdresser applying gel on his male client's hair at the unisex salon
Delhi, India - September 2018: A young attractive man wipes his face with a towel in the bathroom
Indian village lady sitting on a mat and studying during the night - adult education
Middle-aged Indian farmer helping his wife to study - adult education
Rural women in traditional saree studying at the night - Women education and empowerment
Portrait of a serious Indian sportsman looking confidently at the camera
Portrait of an Indian adult wearing a headphone listening to soothing music
Indian male with headphone listening and rocking to music while preparing meals
A happy youngster with a ladle as mike to sing his favorite song while cooking
Confident Indian woman fluently reading a book sitting inside her kitchen
Pretty Indian girl happily posing while capturing selfies during the festive season
Medium shot of an attractive Indian female smiling after lifting her veil off
Portrait of a beautiful Indian girl posing while wearing a traditional costume
Close up shot of a young girl seasoning the hot and tasty food kept in the pan
Close up shot of a girl putting some red chili powder in the food made by her
A beautiful girl cutting fresh vegetables bought from the market in her kitchen
A mother-daughter duo enjoying each other's company playfully at their home
An attractive Indian couple fighting over the choice of television channels
Attractive Indian sportswoman doing abs workout at home for a healthy lifestyle
An attractive Indian sportswoman practicing leg raises around an exercise ball
Attractive female athlete performing Halasana (plow pose) on a blue yoga mat