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Middle-aged Indian farmer helping his wife to study - adult education
Woman's hand taking a Bundi laddu from a plate
Close up shot of an adult woman's hand making fresh chapatis in her kitchen
Portrait of a Sikh Indian gentleman wearing cloth belt having small religious weapon
Stressed Indian wife having tea while having a discussion with husband about financial issues
Mid age Indian woman talking on the phone. Shocked, Angry, Surprised expression
Indian young adult working on his laptop and drinking alcohol / beer
Urban Indian women busy on their smartphones sitting on a couch at their home
Excited aged mother and her adult daughter talking while sitting on a sofa
An adult daughter hugging her mother to make her happy - happy family
Mother's Day concept - Grownup girl presenting a bouquet to her mother
Loving mother consoling her young depressed daughter - empathy
Two angry and stubborn ladies arguing - misunderstanding and disagreement
Mother-daughter bonding - Cheerful lady kissing her adult child's forehead
A middle-aged Indian mother kissing her daughter with love - happy family
A family of three women making a video call - relationship and bonding
Charming girl wearing sunglasses enjoying Holi party on a bright sunny morning
Charming young adult playing with watercolors and Pichkari - Indian festival Holi
Smiling male adult chatting online during Holi party outdoors - festive mood
Handsome young adult drinking Thandai standing outdoors on Holi festival
Adult female working on a laptop while a teenage student completing homework
Rural women in traditional saree studying at the night - Women education and empowerment
Young adult measuring his bicep with a measuring tape while standing indoors
Portrait of a fit young adult in t-shirt measuring his waist using a measuring tape
A confident and stylish adult looking up towards the camera - healthy lifestyle
Extreme closeup of male's eyes and forehead with droplets of sweat - active lifestyle
Indian college going male with silky black hair standing against a colorful wall
Portrait of a serious Indian sportsman looking confidently at the camera