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An affectionate Indian mother patting her adorable son to sleep at home - parenting, modern-day mother, nighttime schedule
A caring mother making her little daughter wear a woolen cap - winter season, cold climate, winter care, warm cap
An adorable little girl doing makeup for her mother - cosmetics, fashion and lifestyle, role play, new age profession, budding artist
A cute little girl is doing her homework in the living room - school student, school assignment
An adorable little girl falls asleep in her mother's arms in the living room - an affectionate mother, happy parenting
An adorable little girl is playing with her mother in the living room - a happy childhood
A young adorable girl chatting with her mother - mother-daughter bonding, quality time, single mother, modern parenting
An adorable schoolgirl is reading a storybook with her mother - story time, nighttime story, winter season, quality time with kids
An Indian housewife offering a glass of milk to her adorable son - avoid milk, hate milk, caring mother
A sweet adorable girl studying with her father - happy parenting, togetherness and relationship, Indian single father
A happy South Indian couple and their adorable kids having lunch / dinner together - quality time, family bonding
A young businesswoman working on a laptop - late night office work, stressful job, overtime, a caring mother
A loving Indian father and his adorable son enjoy playing a video game together - a gaming console
A Sikh Indian businessman working on his laptop while his daughter is studying - office work, school assignment
A small young school girl completing her homework - sitting at her desk, school assignment, holiday homework
Cheerful Indian siblings having a pillow fight and having fun before going to bed - Love and care, Brother and sister
An Indian couple wearing a colorful hat celebrating their daughter's birthday -birthday party
A bearded young man and his adorable daughter playing chess - board game, fun activity, parenting, indoor game
An Indian housewife and her little daughter resting together on a comfortable sofa - mother-daughter bonding, a short nap
Young Indian couple reading a storybook with their adorable daughter - parenting, story reading, bedtime stories
A teenage Indian daughter talking to her loving mother - Mother-daughter bonding
A small little school kid watering pants in the garden - green earth, pollution-free environment, go green
A small boy with his bicycle in the park - active lifestyle, healthy boy, cycling, sports
A young guy gives gifts / presents to his adorable son and daughter during Eid - Eidi, a festive season, leisure time
An adorable schoolgirl completing her homework while sitting at her desk - school assignment, knowledge and education
An adorable little girl feeding food to her lovely father with a spoon - a sweet dish, a tasty cuisine, father-daughter bonding
A young woman is busy working in her modular kitchen - an Indian housewife, a domestic lifestyle
A cheerful adorable baby playing with many colorful balloons attached to a string - a happy childhood, baby development