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A middle-aged Indian woman relaxing with her two pet dogs - domestic animals, pet care, pet love, dog love
A beautiful Indian mother with her sweet little daughter - sharing secrets, Diwali celebrations
Happy Indian family - Young parents with cure daughter. Posing for the camera in the decorated house, Diwali get together
Happy Indian family in traditional dress for Diwali celebration - Diwali decoration with colorful lights and flowers
An Indian man from a village talking on the phone - his wife resting in a hospital bed
A young Indian mother holding her newborn baby while in the hospital room - mother baby hospital ward
An Indian father holding his newborn baby - parenthood, parent and baby, childbirth in a hospital
Diwali preparations by Indian family - Diwali decorations, Colorful festive background, Diwali Puja, Hindu festival
A cheerful girl hugging her parents - Indian couple, Indian home, Indian family posing for the camera, Diwali decorations, Festive background
Diwali celebration with gift box exchange - Indian man with his wife and little daughter - Diwali gift, festive background
Diwali greetings by young Indian girl - Namaste greetings on Diwali festival, Hindu religion, auspicious occasion
A young schoolgirl in a traditional dress with a colorful gift box - Diwali gift, Hindu religion festival
A beautiful young girl in an ethnic dress smiling and showing sweets to the camera - Diwali festival
A sweet Indian girl offering Gulaab- Jamuns during Diwali celebration - traditional Indian sweets, Indian Diwali, Diwali decoration
Cute Indian girl holding a bright Diwali Diya - Diwali celebrations, Diwali lamp, Diwali celebration
Diwali decoration and preparation - A nuclear Indian family celebrating Diwali, colorful background, Diwali lights, festive season
A middle-aged Indian couple and their daughter decorating a floral Rangoli with rose petals - Diwali decoration
An angry Indian mother shouting at her little daughter - parenting issues, behavioral issues, kids discipline
A young Indian father and his little daughter are reading a book - nighttime story, bedtime, favorite past time, kids education
A middle-aged lady doctor is listening to a little girl's heartbeat with a stethoscope - shortness of breath, medical issue
A middle-aged lady narrating a story to her sick little daughter in a hospital room
A young Indian woman is comforting her sick little daughter and making her sleep in the hospital bed
A young Indian girl sleeping in the hospital bed while hugging a teddy bear - hospital admission, hospital ward
A cute little schoolgirl lying in bed with a soft toy in a pediatric unit - sick Indian child in a hospital room, hospital care
A female Indian nurse gives medicines to a sick girl in hospital - hospital room, a girl suffering from medical problem
A concerned Indian lady consulting a male Indian doctor in a hospital room - care and support, caring mother
Small Indian kids with their grandparents - Spending time, joint family, playing card games, grandchildren, time pass activity
An Indian mom and her little kid doing pranayam breathing exercise at home - kids yoga, concentration, relaxation