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Shot of a woman getting thigh and leg massage in the spa salon - spa treatment, close up, smooth skin
Pan shot of a man resting in the park after a heavy workout - wiping his sweat with a white towel
Shot of an Indian fat man jogging for weight loss in a park - fitness, weight-loss, fitness journey
Indian man gets tired after a morning jog - healthy lifestyle, sweating, overweight, summer morning
Fat Indian man stretching his body in a public park - fitness, morning routine, unhealthy
Portrait of an obese indian man sitting in a park and drinking water - hydration, fitness, healthy lifestyle
Indian man doing exercise to lose belly fat - Fitness, Weight loss, fat cutting, fat reduction, workout, tired
Shot of an Indian man working out at the park - outdoor gym, exercise machine, fitness exercise, outdoor activity, poor lifestyle issues
Young Indian brother-sister enjoy playing a game of carrom together - board game, indoor game, learning a new game
An old Indian couple playing a carrom board - board game, indoor game, Indian grandparents, retired life, enjoyment in old age
An aged Indian couple playing carrom with their kids - board game, indoor game, happy family, small nuclear family
Kerala, India, 1st June 2022, Little kids / young boys are having a bath in the river - villagers, life around water bodies, wooden boats
Kerala, India, 1st June 2022, A motorboat / speedboat in the sea near sea shore - transportation, boatman, catching fish, fishermen
River water is flowing through the boulders / small rocks - a mountain river, a natural source of water
Slow motion of female hands putting black thread in needle hole
Happy Asian girl playing video Games on TV - Joyful gaming session, playstation, advanced games, gaming addiction, adrenaline rush
A beautiful excited young Indian girl playing video games - wireless controller, playing on tv, wireless remote
A caring Indian daughter with her sick father in the hospital - old man in hospital, senior citizen care
Indian woman sitting in a park drinking coconut water - low-calorie, healthy drink, tropical drink
A village lady doing hand embroidery on a wooden frame - skill based work, lower middle class, earning hobby
Faridabad, Haryana, India, 29 Sept 2022, Car rides / Dodgem car rides in an amusement park, Diwali mela, local fair
Delhi, India, 29th Sept 2022, Shot of kids enjoying the car ride at an Indian amusement park fun fair
Adorable Indian family taking selfies or self photographs at home - colorful, decorated background, Festive season
An aged Indian couple is playing a game of cards at home - leisure time, passing free time, relaxed lifestyle
Cheerful couple carrying their daughter on their lap flying like an airplane
A small adorable girl in casual clothes running with red balloons in a public park
A small nuclear family - weekend fun, sketching, family bonding
A young single father playing chess with her daughter - responsible father