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An Indian beautiful little girl sitting on her father's lap and playing with him - togetherness and bonding, Bedtime play
A cute daughter playing guessing games with her father - Happy Indian father-daughter duo, childhood in a happy family
A young attractive couple talking / chatting while spending quality time with each other - togetherness and relationship, a couple bonding
A young schoolkid with curly hair spending time with his loving mother - Indian family, mother-son bonding
A young mother and father playing with their son and daughter while tickling them - happy parenting, a nuclear family
An Indian housewife spending time with her kids - a caring mother, happy childhood, a remote job
An Indian couple chatting together over tea/coffee while the kids are busy with a laptop - small happy family
A young boy playing arm-wrestling with his father - physical strength, happy parenting, a competitive match
A young man working on the laptop for an office assignment - working from home, a remote job
A sweet little girl sitting on her mother's lap - mother-daughter bonding, family care, parenting
Cheerful Indian siblings having a pillow fight and having fun before going to bed - Love and care, Brother and sister
An attractive young couple and their two little kids watching television together - fun and entertainment, happy family, nuclear family
A happy Indian couple with their two little kids relaxing - a small nuclear family, family bonding, happy family
A modern Indian couple spending quality time - an affectionate couple, a couple bonding
A happy Indian couple talking on a video call together - distant communication, an internet connection
A loving Indian mom and dad reading a storybook with their adorable son at home - favorite pastime, nighttime routine, small family
A sweet little boy helping his parents to enter debit / credit card details - online shopping, e-commerce website
Happy Indian siblings reading a storybook with their mother while relaxing together - an interesting book, leisure time, nuclear family
A cheerful Indian family busy using digital gadgets in their free time - a modern lifestyle, screen addiction, bad habits
Indian father-son duo watching online videos while the mother plays with the daughter - leisure time, a modern lifestyle
A married couple having an argument - dejected child, sad girl, unhappy family, disturbed family
A little girl in casual clothes watching cartoons / online videos with her parents on a mobile
A happy Indian couple with their little kids at home - happy parenting, a nuclear family, family bonding, happy family
A small young boy with curly hair drinking a glass of juice while doing his homework
A happy Indian mother offering a glass of milk to her daughter - Healthy drink, hating milk
A caring Indian mother offers a glass of juice to her daughter while she is studying - mother-daughter bonding, a refreshing drink
Delhi NCR, India, 21st June 2022, A non-ac long-distance train passing the railway platform - a rail station
Delhi NCR, India, 21st June 2022, Long traffic jam on a flyover