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Oil pouring on Karela slices mixed with Haldi to make Achaar - Indian recipe
Turmeric powder is being sprinkled on raw bitter gourd kept in a ceramic bowl - Karela pickle / Achaar
Raw sliced bittermelon falling in a ceramic bowl with more bitter gourd
Sliced Karela falling with green bitter gourd in a brown basket - tasty vegetable
Sliced green vegetable / Karela dropping in a glass of squash - herbal drink
A piece of bitter gourd cut in a round shape falling inside a bowl of Karela paste
A glass of bitter gourd juice and sliced Karela beautifully decorated on a plate
Homemade delicious Lauki Sabzi / curry falling on a plate of rice and fresh Dhania
Tasty bottle gourd curry garnished with fresh coriander leaves served for lunch
Fresh coriander leaf / Dhania falling on a plate of white rice with green chilies
Red chili powder is being sprinkled on uncooked Ghiya to make a spicy recipe
A slice of juicy lemon falling inside a glass of refreshing bottle gourd squash - Giya juice
A glass of Doodhi juice is seasoned with green coriander leaves - a healthy drink
Bottle gourd drink with a slice of lemon is being poured in transparent glass - Giya juice
A healthy beverage herbal tea decorated with Tulsi leaves served for breakfast
Juicy yellow lemon falling inside a clear glass full of aromatic brewing black tea
Whole black pepper and cloves falling on a plate of dried tea leaves with Tulsi Patta
A spoonful of organic honey and Tulsi leaves in a clear glass of herbal black tea
Tea seasoned with Tulsi leaves pouring in a clear mug - health and medicine - Black tea
Flavored herbal tea with bubbles poured in transparent glass in the morning - Blacktea
A glass of fresh beetroot beverage decorated with a slice splashing out
Nutritional beetroot extract with slices falling in a clear glass for breakfast
A sweet vegetable juice rich in vitamin seasoned with mint leaves in a clear mug
Sliced beetroot falling in a glass of beverage kept against a white background
Beetroot juice garnished with mint leaves and slices pouring in a clear glass
Chunks of ice falling in a glass of Sattu drink decorated with chilies and lemon
Summer drink Sattu with a slice of lemon, Dhania, and chili pouring in a glass
Bengal gram / Chana falling near a glass of refreshing Sattu drink - tasty food