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Zoom in shot of a bowl full of fresh and juicy pineapple slices - healthy fruit
Ripe juicy pineapple cutting on its way with a knife and slices kept on a table
Pineapple with eyewear and headphone rotating slowly against an orange background
Raw farfalle pasta falling on fusilli pasta kept on a wooden table - Italian food
Red sauce flavored fusilli pasta falling on a plate - traditional Italian recipe
Sliced black olives falling / dropping on a plate of deliciously prepared pasta
Herbs-mixed mayonnaise being added to fresh vegetables cooking in a pan
Woman's hand stirring pasta cooking in a pan - tasty wholesome food
Steamed fusilli pasta added to stir-fried vegetables to prepare a tasty Italian dish
Capsicum, broccoli, red and yellow bell peppers being stir-fried in a pan
Freshly cut healthy raw vegetables in a non-stick frying pan - homestyle cooking
Woman's hand stirring farfalle pasta in a non-stick pot with a wooden spatula
Wooden spatula stirring the fusilli pasta boiling in a pot on an electric cooker
Fusilli pasta being dropped in hot water for boiling - popular Italian recipe
Home chef's hand serving a spoonful of freshly made vegetable fried rice
Rotating bowl full of spicy Indian vegetarian Biryani - delicious famous food
Woman's hand tasting slow-cooked vegetarian Paneer Pulao with a spoon
Homemade vegetarian Biryani served with Raita, Chutneys, and fresh salad
Female's hand checking the deliciously made vegetarian pulao - Indian recipe
Tutti Frutti / sweet candies falling into a transparent glass of refreshing juice - Summer drink India
Big ice cubes dropping / falling inside a clear glass of refreshing mango drink
Refreshing mango milkshake kept on a wooden table - nutritious breakfast
Transparent water droplets / dewdrops falling from a large leaf in the morning
Portrait of a tired farmer washing his face after a hard day's work in the field - Indian village
An Indian man sitting near a river near an agricultural field washing his hands
A young man in casual clothes plucking healthy ridge gourd / turai vegetable from farm
Male hand holding a healthy green vegetable ridge gourd standing in the garden
Water is sprayed / sprinkled on a healthy and green tropical vegetable plant