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A strict working Indian woman scolding her little naughty girl for disturbing her - working on a laptop, working from home, stay at home parent
A poor man in his late forties is putting coins inside a piggybank - future planning, financial problem
A middle-aged Indian guy with stubble talking on his old phone - basic phones, penetration of mobile phones
A middle-aged guy from an Indian village counting the banknotes and keeping them in his pocket
A middle-aged Indian guy talking on a video call - use of technology, mobile phone penetration
A daily wage Indian worker from a poor family counting his daily earnings - Indian banknotes, loan support
A portrait of a rural male with stubble - posing for the camera, poor man, daily wage worker
A displeased man sitting alone - depressed, stressed, stressed lifestyle, Indian villager
A poor man from India doing household chores - folding a shirt
A poor man stitching his shirt with a thread and a needle - tailor, occupation, local artisan, karigar, daily wage worker
An Indian man wearing a shirt and a trouser lighting a portable gas stove with a matchstick
A middle-aged rural man cooking food at home - slicing potato with a sharp knife, evening meal, poor family, single man
A loving mom brushing her daughter's hair - hair care, mother-daughter bonding
A caring Indian mother applying hair oil on her son's hair - healthy hair, head massage, mother-son bonding
An Indian middle-aged Gujarati lady greeting in traditional Indian Namaste - smiling woman, Indian culture, traditional dress
A middle-aged Gujarati lady in her forties talking on her smartphone - smiling woman, traditional dress, middle class
An attractive middle-aged couple celebrating their love with a beautiful gift - Gujarati couple, anniversary gift, celebration
An attractive middle-aged Gujarati couple - quality time, relationship and bonding, a young couple, resting head on husband's shoulders
A middle-aged Indian guy watching television while his wife is sewing clothes - household work, daily routine, middle-class family
A middle-aged couple and a young boy playing video games using a joystick - a gaming console, modern parenting
A cheerful Indian brother-sister playing a board game - indoor game, playing chess, young Indian kids, middle-class family
A middle-aged Indian couple and little kids playing a board game - playing chess, checkmate, small Indian family, family bonding
A middle-aged couple and their kids playing with building blocks - happy parenting, family time, Indian family
Indian siblings reading a book with their father while their mother is knitting clothes - parent-child bonding, Indian family together
A loving husband putting a Gajra on his cheerful wife's hair - romantic couple, middle age couple, middle class
A middle-aged Indian husband-wife and young kids - Happy Indian family, video call, online communication
A cheerful Indian husband-wife with their son - happy parenting, leisure time, middle-class family, nuclear family, single child
A middle-aged Indian husband-wife eating food - Gujarati snacks, homemade food, family bonding