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Indian old aged man with a long beard
Portrait of a young woman turning off the alarm clock to go back to sleep
Worried Indian farmer talks on mobile about his monthly income - agricultural business
Indian cricketer in a white uniform with all cricket gears posing for the camera - sports activity
Sideview of a clean-shaved healthy youngster sweating after workout training
Young athlete looking at his bandaged hand and then towards the camera
Young bowler ready with the leather ball before the cricket practice session
Portrait of a smiling sports person standing with a soccer ball - active lifestyle
Shot of a strong Indian youth wearing red wrap sports bandage on hands
Indian male boxer in his early twenties fixing his wrist bands for kickboxing training
Worker checking the temperature of a female customer wearing a medical mask - Corona / Covid
Staff person measures the temperature of a woman and sprays sanitizer on her hands
Close-up shot of bedside table with a plate full of apple slices, books and a juice glass
Worried Indian woman looking frightened and closing mouth with her hand - isolated over white background
Close shot of a man typing on his smartphone. Use of gadget in modern life
A person opening a brown beer bottle with an old opener - a refreshing drink
A person eating Kanji Vada made with flavored water - Served in plastic glass
Male hand putting his thumb impression on legally approved bank papers / documents
A person rotating the index finger against a green background - hand gestures
Male signing an important contract paper for official work
Indian bowler holding a red cricket duce ball dropping from the air - sports concept
Preparing a cup of green tea with different Indian spices
Worker measuring the temperature using an infrared thermometer at the entrance - Corona/Covid Scare
Happy Family - Friends playing ludo board game at table and having a good time
Tensed and stressed candidate / person drinking water while waiting for a job interview
A boy takes out money from his wallet and hands it over to another person
A smiling young girl with long black hair using mobile phone - Chatting
Village scene of a cute little girl doing her school homework - left-hand writing, left-handed