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Medium shot of an old age Indian man suffering from extreme shoulder pain while sitting on a chair - joint pain, rural lifestyle
Grey-haired Indian woman suffering from severe joint pain - knee pain, knee injury, grand mother, swollen joint
Grey-haired Indian man suffering from severe joint pain - knee pain, knee injury, village life, old age farmer
Grey-haired old man dressed in formal wear giving a toothy smile - happy, grand father, father in law
A confident old Indian professor standing well dressed in formals outside a government school - aged man
Portrait shot of a young Indian woman opening her eyes slowly looking into the camera
A beautician puts cotton pads on a woman's eyes before a facial treatment procedure - Cosmetology treatment, anti-aging treatment
A young Asian woman receiving a body massage in a spa center - spa treatments, relaxing neck massage
A fat man measures the size of the abdomen with a centimetre measuring tape - tummy measurement struggle, wide waist
Indian man gets tired after a morning jog - healthy lifestyle, sweating, overweight, summer morning
An Indian obese man eating fried samosa after a workout - obesity, excess weight, public park, urge to eat, unhealthy lifestyle
Indian man wearing headphones playing and enjoying a video game - gamer at home, virtual game, online video game
Indian young man looks excited - thrilled, euphoric, enthusiastic, winning streak
Close-up shot of an Indian male eyes - open eyes, black eyes, macro eyes, low eye vision, sleep deprivation, tired eyes, thick eyelashes
A beautiful young Indian woman looking at the camera and smiling - portrait, closeup
Closeup half-portrait shot of an Indian young girl opening her eyes - copy space
Close-up shot of a hairdresser washing hair of an Indian man - hair salon services, scalp treatment, grooming session
Young Indian male getting a haircut in a salon - electric razor, trimmer, professional stylist, grooming service
Upset Indian man drinking alcohol at home - depression, alcohol abuse, addiction, frustrated alcoholic
Artistic woman painting with watercolors - artist, poster colors, watercolor sketch, landscape painting
Skilled Indian factory worker cutting a wooden block - wood cutting machine, Indian craftsmanship
Indian man putting containers on shelves - tidying up, maintaining hygiene, food storage, organized kitchen, pantry
Handsome Indian guy eating cookies at night - insomnia concept, midnight snack, sleep disorder, coping mechanism
Portrait of a serious Indian male thinking about his future at night - overthinking, sleep disorder, depression
Indian man using mobile at night - checking e-mail, surfing web, browsing social media, watching funny videos, bored
Closeup shot of signing an important document with pen - financial investment, partnership agreement, legal settlement
Extreme close-up shot of a young Indian woman looking at her phone - closeup of eyes, harmful effects of mobile use
Young excited woman holding mobile phone and Indian rupee banknotes after winning the lottery, financial freedom, celebration