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An accountant counts Rupee 500 Indian currency notes and note it down
Slow motion shot of wine / black tea / cold drink / juice / aerated soft drink being poured into a glass
Closeup shot of frying onions in a thick black frying pan by a street vendor
Beautiful Indian girl waving and typing on phone while sitting in her dark office cabin
Neatly arranged Indian currency Rupee ten notes rotating on the table
Shot of a banker / bank cashier counting Indian currency Rupee ten notes
Shot of a business man / woman signing the documents / business proposal / legal contract
Shot of 500 rupees Indian currency falling on the table
Female's hand typing on a keyboard and using touchpad of a laptop
A closeup shot of an accountant verifying the balance sheet of company
Shot of a women using laptop for online purchase / shopping with credit card
Closeup shot of women hand's typing on computer keyboard
Busy indian female manager speaks over the phone with a client
Pretty indian female support center operator speaking to the customer
Smart female support / call center operator speaking to customer
A busy Indian girl frustrated from work talking on phone
A man preparing and putting fresh and delicious deep fried jalebis (Indian sweet dish) on a tray
Carefree happy Indian girl drinking coffee / tea while standing in her room balcony
Indian mother and her cute son watching a video on the laptop at bedtime - Spending quality time together
A boy takes out money from his wallet and hands it over to another person
A girl under the process of making a healthy vegetable sandwich
Slow motion shot of an Indian girl beautifully setting her hair while thinking about her work
Indian business partners are having serious discussion about their company balance sheet
A tensed Indian girl searches important document in her office file
Young Indian female entrepreneur making a phone call and discussing a proposal
Closeup side shot of young Indian mother and her son spending quality time at bed time
A street food vendor cooking mouth watering tawa chicken on high flame
A busy Indian girl sipping coffee while working and talking on phone in her office cabin