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Closeup shot a boy / man sticking a colourful paper to a piece of cardboard with glue
Close up shot of choco spread falling on a brown bread in a beautiful pattern
Overhead shot of a child watching his mother drawing a house in a book
Close up shot of a dark complexioned man's hands making dough balls in large quantity for a function
Sweet lemon falling with a splash in a glass bowl full of water
Raw egg falling on wheat flour in slow motion
Breaking an egg directly on a nonstick frying pan
Slow motion shot of breaking an egg into a glass bowl
Slow motion shot of an egg falling on a hot nonstick fry pan
Butter melting on a nonstick frying pan
Freshly chopped tomatoes falling on the chopping board
Close up of a man's hands cutting a green cabbage in slow motion in kitchen
Cutting an apple in half in slow motion
Full HD slow motion video of egg falling on wheat flour
Young man dressed formally using tablet and making hand movements on virtual green screen
Close up shot of a man cutting cabbage on a wooden chopping board
4K footage of a girl monitoring blood pressure of a boy using digital blood pressure monitoring device