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Chopped green capsicum falling on the chopping board in slow motion
A pan shot a full fledged exciting mela during festival season in India
Slow motion close shot of frying chopped and sliced vegetables in oil in a nonstick frying pan
Seekh kebab and panner tikka being cooked over a furnace on a high flame
Top view of a girl busy surfing on her laptop using the touchpad
A girl moving her pointing cursor of a laptop's touchpad
A girl typing on her phone standing near her office balcony
Slow motion of a man hand pounding raw spices in a stone mortar
A man deep frying matri / poori (Indian food items) in a huge container
Stationary shot of a cup of coffee on a table with coffee beans
Slow motion shot of hands of a girl adding milk from a kettle into a cup of coffee
A man stirring samosas in the huge container of oil while deep frying them
A street side vendor making flower garlands by putting white flowers in a thread
A boy welding a cartwheel tyre in his workshop along with the helpers
Extreme close up of photostat machine working from inside
A girl busy with her official work typing and drinking coffee at the same time
Attractive Indian girl sitting beside her room window and waving at a friend
Beautiful Indian girl waving and typing on phone while sitting in her dark office cabin
Slow motion shot of hot tea being poured in a beautiful cup
A girl spreading peanut butter on a slice of brown bread for a vegetable sandwich
Slow motion shot of fresh tomatoes thrown into water
Slow motion shot of wine / black tea / cold drink / juice / aerated soft drink being poured into a glass
A slow motion shot of sugar cube falling in a cup full of Indian tea
Adding milk in a black tea using tea-pot
A girl putting onion slices on a white bread with mayonnaise
Close shot of frying aloo tikki (Indian street food) in a huge frying pan
Close up short of a women pasting an envelop with glue
Closeup shot of an Indian child making paper craft with colored paper