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Young Indian boy practicing yoga sitting on an exercise mat - a healthy lifestyle
Healthy Indian man practicing Yoga asana or exercise called Anulom Vilom
Tilt view of a young man meditating under a tree inside a park in the morning
Healthy young male sitting in the Gyan Mudra/lotus position while doing Yoga Asana
Pranayam posture - Indian male practicing Yoga Asana sitting in a green area
A sporty man practicing yoga lesson inside a park in the morning - healthy lifestyle
Zoom out shot of young Indian man doing Vrikshasana/tree pose Yoga Asana
Healthy man putting his one leg on another while standing like a tree - Vrikshasana
Fit athletic man doing push-ups on a blue exercise mat inside a green park
Young athletic male in leggings and T-shirt making an exercise plank in a park
Young boy doing daily workout exercise in the morning - healthy lifestyle
Young man pumping his abdomen while doing crunches on a mat in the morning
Portrait of a young man listening to music on the phone while lying down on a mat
Portrait of a tired young man drinking juice after an active workout in the morning
Muscular young man jogging in a green park - a healthy lifestyle concept
Smart young boy wiping the sweat on his face and neck during exercise in the park
Young man drinking water/juice taking rest during exercising in the park
Smiling young man standing with a towel after finishing his morning workout
Young runner tying his shoelaces before starting his jogging routine in the morning
Indian male's hands tying shoelaces of sneakers while standing on the stairs
Indian sportsperson jumping rope on a cemented track inside a green park
Close up of a young muscular male practicing push-ups on a bench near trees
Flexible Indian man practicing stretching exercise in a green area - healthy lifestyle
Indian youngster browsing mobile while sitting near green trees - relaxation concept
Lively Indian man listening to his favorite music while relaxing inside a park