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Indian currency coins falling on an official desk - business and finance
Lady's hand connecting earphone cable to listen to soothing music during work
Lady medical practitioner's hand picking up stethoscope from a wooden table
Word "TIME" with plastic letters written on an official work station - time management
Office desk with hourglass, laptop, eyeglasses, and compass - time is money
A pair of eyeglasses and sticky notes kept on the laptop on the office table - Work from home table
Female hands keeping a green screen chroma key device on a lined notebook - Home office work table
Pen dropping near a green screen chroma key device placed on a notepad - Work table
Woman's hands typing on a laptop keyboard and making notes in the notebook - Work from home
Fresh milk poured in a bowl of crunchy corn flakes kept on a wooden workplace
Well-organized modern technology workplace with laptop and a small plant pot
Woman's hand keeping a cup of black coffee on her work station - home office
Organized workspace with headphone, laptop, business papers, and a coffee cup - Work from home setup
A blue headphone being put on a wooden table with a laptop and notepad
Female hands making important notes about business development and planning - Work from home
Female hands typing on a device with a green screen sitting at her work desk
Female's hand checking sales and company growth with graphs and pie charts
Stressed young woman's hand accounting business loss and profit on a calculator
Female financial advisor estimating the bank account balance using a calculator - Business Accounting
Professional businesswoman's hand working on a laptop from her home office - Work from home (WFH)
A village housewife sewing clothes while her husband is talking on the phone - Indian farmer in fields
Traditional wife sewing clothes sitting on a cot while chatting with her husband - Indian farmer
A female farm laborer picking potatoes growing underground from her field
A bearded rural villager taking out underground vegetables from his field
Peasant injecting fertilizer with a syringe in vegetables - chemical use in farming
Two Indian agricultural workers unhappy with the low-level crop harvesting
Concerned wife comforting her dissatisfied farmer husband sitting in a field
Disappointed Indian farmer sitting with frustration in his agricultural field