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Freshly chopped cabbage falling on a chopping board
Slow motion close shot of frying chopped and sliced vegetables in oil in a nonstick frying pan
Slow motion shot of hands of a girl adding milk from a kettle into a cup of coffee
Stationary shot of a cup of coffee on a table with coffee beans
Chopped green capsicum falling on the chopping board in slow motion
Boy and a girl dressed professionally standing against the chroma screen and clapping in appreciation
Cute girl dressed formally flipping the pages of a book and making gestures against the green screen
Mid shot of a couple sitting on chair and watching something funny on a tablet against the green screen
Top shot of chopped and sliced vegetables mixed with spices being fried in hot oil in a non stick fryingpan
A boy welding a cartwheel tyre in his workshop along with the helpers
A man deep frying matri / poori (Indian food items) in a huge container
A man stirring samosas in the huge container of oil while deep frying them
A young indian girl is happy thinking and writing down her story
A poor potter beating earthen jar to make a water pot
A slow motion shot of sugar cube falling in a cup full of Indian tea
An Indian male and female signing business contract, exchanging files and shaking hands
Close shot of frying aloo tikki (Indian street food) in a huge frying pan
An Indian kid playing with a digital camera and taking out memory card from the slot
A man chopping fresh tomatoes into slices on a chopping board
A man / woman spreading choco spread on a slice of brown bread for sandwich
Slow motion shot of peanuts pieces falling over the bread with peanut butter
Side shot of a cute Indian boy counting pens in his pencil box - Choosing a pencil for his work
Close up of a potter preparing and designing a flower pot on a potter's wheel
Slow motion shot of fresh tomatoes thrown into water
Mixing chocolate / protein / calcium power in milk for kids
Beautiful Indian girl waving and typing on phone while sitting in her dark office cabin
Slow motion shot of wine / black tea / cold drink / juice / aerated soft drink being poured into a glass
Top angle shot of a business women checking profit and loss statement / income report