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Young army officer posing and smiling with pride in his eyes - folded hands
A serious male junior doctor posing towards the camera with a stethoscope - childhood
Young beautiful smiling female - medicine therapeutist doctor standing against the white background, healthcare concept
Portrait of beautiful Indian nurse with crossed arms on a white background
Young beautiful Indian nurse holding a heart-shaped soft toy in front of the camera - healthcare concept
Portrait of cute little Indian boy wearing face, looking up, pollution, health, isolated over white background
Happy child boy holding a gold medal and raising another hand against the white background
Cute little boy playing with a remote controlled toy car against the white background - childhood
Portrait of an Indian little boy standing with a mask on face, anti pollution mask, health, white background
Smiling little preschooler - a stack of books on the table, white background, isolated, studio
Angry young Indian boy playing and posing with a stethoscope, white background - healthcare
Portrait of a junior doctor with stethoscopem\, crossed arms posing towards the camera, white background
Portrait of a cute little boy pointing thumbs up while studying. White background
Smiling Indian boy with books for an education portrait - isolated over a white background
Portrait of a sweet child boy leaning on a table and counting coins. White background, isolated, studio
Closeup of an Indian child boy putting coins in a plant pot, white background, isolated, studio, Investment concept
Cheerful child boy putting coins in a glass jar. Concept of saving. Child saving money
Happy male junior child with a clear jar full of coins (money), white background - savings concept
Little child boy holding jar full of coins posing towards the camera - savings concept
Portrait of a young Indian man standing with white background - studio, isolated
Portrait of a young Indian man displaying product with white / grey background - studio, isolated
Profile portrait of a handsome man showing product on a gray background - copy space
Close up of a successful cheerful young man presenting the new product against a grey background
Close-up of a young man presenting and showing text or product - isolated on white background, advertisement concept
Young shocked man explaining and posing towards the camera - white background, studio, isolated
Portrait of a medical student with folded hands posing towards camera on white background
Young Indian civil engineer or architect posing towards the camera, white background - occupation concept
Portrait of a cute child boy making funny faces - isolated