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Valentine’s Day is not far away and many brands have already started with their Valentine’s Day promotions. These days, more and more brands are relying on video promotions for advertisement as videos sell better. In this digital era, the sale of products and services is largely depended on video promotions. Unfortunately, the fact remains that it is not possible to shoot those videos each and every time. This is the reason most of the content creators look for because of which many online video downloading sites are coming up each day. But if you are looking for the best one then Knot9 is your stop.

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We all know content is king, and creating it is an art, but one thing that you don’t know is that images and video footage that you pick from different sites to embed in your own, can cost you a huge amount of money and failure in content marketing. The legalities which come with using someone else’s clips without permission thereby creating copyright issues, can be a big problem for you anytime, and why not? The professional who has shot the video should get due credits and money for his efforts. Hence, it is always advisable to go for Indian Stock Footage available at authenticated sites like so that you do not face such challenges in future as the business might get affected by taking down the video after it’s a big hit.

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Happy couple discussing about Valentines’s day preparation

Closeup shot of a couple holding hands

The common question most of you would be having is how to use this footage directly on your website? Well, here is the answer to how you can use these lifestyle stock videos online directly:

Go for Royalty Free Videos

Royalty free stock videos are the safest route possible if you want to use someone else’s content. It’s true that producing your own footage will not only cost you time but a huge amount of money too. Therefore, sometimes it becomes necessary to bank on the third-party content but, with due credits given to it. In the case of royalty free videos, you are permitted to use the videos commercially for your use.

Subscribe to Access Exclusive Content at Low Cost

The free videos are being used at multiple places as it is, with just a single click one can download it and upload wherever needed. If you need unique content then instead of copying from a competitor, you should subscribe to at a very nominal price. Doing this will give you access to loads of exclusive which will actually stand out in the crowd.

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