What should You Keep in Mind while Shooting 4K Video Footage

4K video is something that has got everyone excited these days. Well, not because it is something new but it is a kind of video that you can shoot easily with your smartphone. Well, these days’ technology is so advanced that you can do anything if you have a smartphone so shooting a video footage is not a big thing at all. But still many content creators prefer to download 4K stock footage instead of shooting as it saves cost as well as time. But if you are downloading then download from Knot9 as it is one of the best site that provides the best videos for you.

But incase you want to shoot these videos what should you keep in mind? Well, here are some things that you should consider before shooting 4K video footage.


When you are shooting 4K video you should first ask yourself this question, is anyone going to be watch your footage in 4K? Well, I recognize YouTube now permits people to add in 4K and an increasing number of websites are going to begin allowing this, however how many people have 4K TVs or monitors that could really allow them to watch 4K videos yet?


You’re going to need really speedy cards. You can’t simply use any memory card to record 4K to your camera, you’re going to need a really fast, really large card such as a 64GB excessive pro SD card as the camera will be capturing a whole lot of information fast. You may break out with a card not quite as rapid, but not much. For instance, you are shooting your company occasion and want to make it as your promotional video and that is the reason you are shooting it in 4K and you are using a 128GB normal SD card, you would notice that it would become full after every 100 mins. This is the prove how much detail you are capturing and empting your card each time and then shooting again is not a good choice so always go for a fast and large card.

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Not all 4K is created identical. Remember the codec that your digital camera records 4K in and what impact that will have on the quality of your final product. Whether or not it’s 8- or 10-bit will make a distinction to the quality of the 4K it produces—do not forget it’s 4K, it’s no longer raw. It’s shooting a larger picture however not necessarily more color information so it can not be worth worrying about.